Community Transformation

We believe that the future of healthy cities depends on immediate individual and corporate action to find creative ways of developing more environmentally friendly urban spaces. The shift toward a more sustainable way of life works best when we have a shared vision of a greener tomorrow.

Anyone can be a part of this metamorphosis into a cleaner, more beautiful place to live. The Living City brings together individuals, businesses and governments to create innovative programs that will allow cities to grow and thrive today and well into the future.

Designed to be implemented in communities across Canada, these programs:

  • involve businesses, municipalities, hospitals, school boards and homeowners
  • promote sustainable technology and strong environmental practices
  • find the most efficient use of resources
  • provide solutions for the training, operations and maintenance necessary to keep the programs working successfully.

Find out how your community could benefit from The Living City programs by contacting us for more information.

Bernie McIntyre
(437) 880-2253