With decades of practical experience in conservation and protecting our environment, educating young people, and engaging communities, TRCA works with governments, businesses, and individuals to build a greener, cleaner healthier place to live.


“Think globally, act locally” applies well to TRCA and its partners. While we recognize our participation in the global environment, our work is focused squarely on the environment here in the Toronto region. We work to protect and restore the health of the nine watersheds that form the Toronto region, and the Lake Ontario waterfront along its southern boundary.

Building The Living City®

It’s the year 2100, and our great-great-grandchildren enjoy living and working in a city region that is cleaner, greener and healthier than the one we inhabit today. Smog days no longer exist. The air in The Living City is clean. Buildings provide their own energy requirements and generate surplus energy for other community needs. Emissions in The Living City are minimized. Many people walk or bike to work, or use clean electric and fuel cell transit. The Living City is a vibrant part of nature that values and protects diverse habitats for wildlife, and in the process protects the sources of its own drinking water.