TRCA Youth Council

Got a passion for the environment? Looking to make a positive impact in your community? There could be a place for you on our Youth Council.


Join the TRCA Youth Council for our first litter clean-up event!
DATE: April 28, 2018


members of TRCA Youth Council Executive at Albion Hills Field Centre

Are you between the ages of 16 and 24? Then the team here at Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) wants to hear what you have to say about environmental issues.

TRCA’s new Youth Council is designed to give young people in the Toronto region a way to come together to identify issues that matter to you, and give you the tools to take real action.

It will be up to Council members themselves to set the annual goals. That could mean organizing youth events about the environment, giving input on TRCA programs and priorities, or working on awareness-raising campaigns to raise awareness about specific environmental issues — the decision belongs to you.



Important Stuff:


If you’re between the ages of 16 and 24 and currently reside or attend school in TRCA’s jurisdiction, then the answer is simple: it’s you. (Check out the map below to see the boundaries of our jurisdiction.)

A couple of other important considerations:

  • We want the Council to be diverse: Members should come from the widest possible range of backgrounds, to reflect the tremendous diversity of the Greater Toronto Area.
  • We want members to be passionate: The people who join the Youth Council should be motivated, energized and committed to making real change.

members of TRCA Youth Council Executive outdoors in the snow at Albion Hills Field Centre


The Council has a couple of big goals:

First, to build healthy communities through improved connection to greenspace and nature
This can mean different things to different communities, but we know that a stronger connections to nature generally leads to the better health and well-being.

Second, to inspire empowered and engaged youth.
Young people have an enormous stake in the long-term health of our environment, and they need a voice right now in discussions about sustainability and conservation. That’s why it’s so important for the Council members themselves to shape its direction.

There are also some major objectives that will guide the development of program activities:

  • Build capacity and engage youth by creating learning opportunities for young people across the GTA.
  • Build a youth network and strengthen existing networks to help connect young people across the region who share a passion for environment and sustainability.
  • Identify youth perspectives so that young people’s views on current environmental issues can help inform the work of TRCA and its partners.
  • Create fun opportunities for youth to explore environmental issues in entertaining and engaging ways.

Sound good?

members of TRCA Youth Council Executive outdoors in the snow at Albion Hills Field Centre


Lots of reasons. For starters, you’ll get to meet a lot of other young people who share your interests. You’ll learn about environment issues from experts who work on the front lines every day. And, above all, you’ll get a chance to decide for yourself how you want to make change happen.

Plus it’ll be fun.

What else do you get out of it?

  • Make new friends
  • Gain leadership skills
  • Expand your professional network

  • Enjoy new experiences
  • Get environmental sector experience.
  • Do some good.

youth group hiking at Tommy Thompson Park

Ready to Apply? Let’s Get Started

There are two ways to participate in the Youth Council: as a general member, or as a member of the Youth Council Executive.

  • As a general member, your level of participation is up to you. There will be opportunities for all members to take part in a variety of activities on a drop-in basis. If you have an interest in heading up a project or initiative, you’re encouraged to bring your idea to the Youth Council Executive. To join as a general member, please complete and submit THIS FORM.
  • The Youth Council Executive is the guiding body of the Youth Council. Ten Executive members will be selected for a term of one year. As an Executive member you’ll be expected to organize and run monthly Youth Council meetings, help set priorities for the year, and draw up the work plan. Please note: Applications for the Youth Council Executive are now closed.



If you’d like more information about the Youth Council, please get in touch with Kate Goodale, Project Manager Humber Watershed.


Youth Council Executive

The 10-member Youth Council Executive takes the lead in in organizing community events for the Youth Council and the general public. Working together with TRCA staff, Youth Council Executive members plan events focused on the issues that young people in the Toronto region are most passionate about.

members of TRCA Youth Council Executive


Adeena Afridi
Hello Folks. My name is Adeena Afridi. I love meeting new people and I am a nature freak! I am so thrilled to share my passion with everyone through the TRCA Youth Council. For the love of nature I am studying Environmental Science at the University of Toronto. I am excited about this new journey with TRCA and can’t wait to meet all of you at our upcoming events!!

Adrian de Rushe
I am currently studying Community Development at Centennial College. My passion and connection to nature have driven me to this sector of development. A personal interest of mine is raising consciousness and understanding stewardship through physical action. I see the TRCA Youth Council as an amazing opportunity to engage the community and build a network of like-minded spirits.

Alana Cameron
I graduated with an Honours Specialization in Political Science from Western University. My areas of interest are environmental policy and Indigenous relations. Becoming a part of the TRCA Youth Council Executive is an opportunity for me to put my skills to use in a field that I care so much about, and a natural step in pursuing my desired career path!

Alessia Mole
I am currently studying Environmental and Urban Sustainability at Ryerson University. I have a personal interest in animals and wildlife. I am hoping to shape my career and become a leader in outreach and education initiatives to get others excited about caring for the environment. The TRCA Youth Council is the perfect platform to understand what inspires young people to get involved in environmental initiatives.

Anjali Bapat
I graduated in 2018 from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology, and I plan to return to school in fall 2019 for my Master’s. My areas of interest are ecology, biodiversity and water quality issues. I joined the TRCA Youth Council Executive to connect with like-minded people and play an active role in educating the public about environmental issues.

Eleni Pappas
Kwe Kwe, Bonn Apray Mijii! As an active member within Indigenous communities, I recognize the vital importance of implementing TRCA’s call to action in daily life. I explore Indigenous pedagogy in my research, and am passionate about Treaties, environmental justice, healing, inclusion and intersectionality. I am pursuing a double major BA, consisting of Art History and Indigenous Studies, with a Certificate in Cultural and Artistic Practices for Environmental and Social Justice (CAP) in Environmental Studies at York University.

Imran Amanullah
I am a student at York University, where I study both political science and environmental studies. Francesco d’Assisi, known as the patron saint of animals and said to have been the first environmentalist, is a major inspiration in the work I do and plan to do. With my interdisciplinary background, I aspire to build alongside my wonderful colleagues on the TRCA Youth Council.
“I wake up in the morning asking myself what can I do today, how can I help the world today.”Julia Butterfly Hill

Tua Hytönen
I graduated last year from the University of Toronto, where I studied Human Geography, Urban Studies and Cinema Studies. I come from Finland, where my home is surrounded by the sea and nature, and joining the TRCA Youth Council seemed like a natural fit for me. I aspire to work in urban planning one day, within the spectrum of community engagement and sustainability. I’m very excited about all the initiatives we have been planning with this council, and look forward to meeting a lot of like-minded youth!

Wai Ying Lam
TL;DR: I’m a hydrology nerd who likes to read books, bake bread and run far. I’m a graduate student doing research in contaminant hydrology, with a background in biology and environmental sciences. Please get in touch if you want to chat about research life, great books, distance running or cooking healthy food! I love sharing my enthusiasm for conservation and the outdoors, and am very excited to serve on your Youth Council Executive. This year is going to be awesome. Follow me: @bytheWai


TRCA’s Jurisdiction Map