Disc Golf

Now Open disc golf at TRCA

Disc golf is the newest sport to take Canada by storm – and it can now be played at Albion Hills and Bruce’s Mill Conservation Parks!

Disc Golf Launch Event at Albion Hills

The 9-hole family-friendly course is scheduled for launch:

disc golf basket
youngsters enjoy a round of disc golf on a fall day
youngster stands near a disc golf basket

Photos courtesy of ChainLink Disc Golf / Jess McShane Photography.

A fusion of frisbee throwing and golfing, disc golf is becoming a massively popular, family-friendly year-round recreation.

The object is to throw a plastic disc toward a target – usually an upright metal basket – following rules similar to a game of golf. The fewer throws it takes to reach the target, the better your score.

As in golf, players follow a course, recording the score for each hole played. The player who completes the course with the fewest throws is the winner.


Disc Golf at TRCA

Disc Golf is now available at Albion Hills! Our brand new 18-hole course is opening Saturday, November 18 and provides fun nature facts with advanced skill-level play. This will be the first of two courses, both being designed and built by ChainLink Disc Golf, that will be launching at Albion Hills Conservation Park, with a 9-hole family-friendly course ready in the Spring.

Enjoy a new family-friendly 9-hole disc golf course at Bruce’s Mill. The course is designed for all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner just learning to play, or an expert looking to hone your technique.


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