Environmental Monitoring

Healthy rivers and shorelines and regional biodiversity are key elements of Toronto and Region Conservation’s strategic plan. The ability to track and report on changes to any of these is paramount to the success of our watershed planning and management efforts.


  walleye taken from Lake Ontario July 21, 2017: Whopping walleye release! Young fish find new homes in local waters
Waterfront habitat creation and restoration projects in the GTA over the last two decades are helping fish communities. The recent release of 100,000 Walleye fingerlings into Toronto Harbour is a testament to the success of this effort. READ MORE
  American redstart perched on a branch April 20, 2017: The American redstart! A bird on the rise in the GTA 
Since 2010, TRCA’s Environmental Monitoring and Data Management team have mapped a total of 45 American redstart breeding territories in the City of Toronto, up from just 10 in the previous decade. The increase is great news, especially given that this bird is listed by TRCA as a Regional Species of Conservation Concern! READ MORE
   April 11, 2017: The Living City® Report Card 2016: Using data to determine the path to sustainability
Toronto and Region Conservation recently published the The Living City Report Card 2016: a progress report on environmental sustainability in the Toronto region. Many agencies contributed quantitative data analyses and expert opinion, including TRCA’s Environmental Monitoring and Data Management team. READ MORE
  field sparrow November 22, 2016: Shining an annual spotlight on the species and communities found in Toronto and region
Learn how TRCA’s Environmental Monitoring team uses data to assign a local conservation rank to flora and fauna species and vegetation communities throughout the region. READ MORE




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