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The Community Tree Project is a community-based project to cool your neighbourhood from the impacts of climate change. Participate in tree planting, virtual presentations, neighbourhood walks, and more.

This project is running in select neighbourhoods in Brampton, including County Court SNAP, with the goal of creating a climate ready community. The Community Tree Project is led by Credit Valley Conservation and funded in part by the Government of Canada with support from the City of Brampton. LEARN MORE.


Beautiful Trees, Shrubs and Wildflowers for Your Yard
Thursday June 17, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Learn how to use beautiful local plants to brighten your yard. Discover how they can improve your health and your home.


Keeping Your Trees & Shrubs Healthy
Thursday July 22, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Is your yard healthy and thriving? Discover top tips to keep your trees and shrubs happy, including watering, mulching, and pruning.


Neighbourhood Walk: Butterflies, Caterpillars, Birds and Trees
Thursday August 26, 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Join us for a walk to explore the hidden wildlife in your neighbourhood. Discover how these creatures depend on trees to thrive.


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), in partnership with City of Brampton and Region of Peel, is working with local residents and businesses to implement the County Court SNAP: a plan to build a sense of community, make the neighbourhood more environmentally friendly, and prepare it for the impacts of climate change.

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About the County Court Community

County Court SNAP tree planting

Located in Brampton’s south end, the County Court neighbourhood is home to about 5,800 people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

The boundary is north of Highway 407, east of Hurontario Street, west of Kennedy Road, and south of the Etobicoke Creek. It includes many homes, as well as large parks, two golf courses, businesses, service retailers, and a Provincial court house.

A beautiful trail extends along the Etobicoke Creek valley near the Peel Village Golf Course and Brampton Golf Club.

County Court SNAP Study Area Map
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County Court SNAP Study Area map

About the County Court Plan

The County Court SNAP is a comprehensive environmental improvement plan, initiated in 2012, that integrates local community interests and ideas for neighbourhood transformation.


County Court was the first SNAP to be developed as part of TRCA’s Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program, which now includes multiple SNAPs in Brampton and more than a dozen across the entire Greater Toronto Area.

Strategic Action Plan projects for County Court include:

Retrofit of the Upper Nine stormwater management pond to address water quality and volume objectives and serve as a community amenity and natural area destination. Retrofit includes infrastructure for future irrigation use. COMPLETE!
Bioretention within Boulevards pilot to provide stormwater filtration and other benefits, including the bio-filter swale along County Court Boulevard. COMPLETE!
Green Home renovation and ecological landscape interventions promotion to address residential energy and water conservation. COMPLETE!
Green parking lot design, including the Provincial court house. COMPLETE!
Habitat restoration along the creek and golf courses. COMPLETE!
Establishment of a healthy urban forest. UNDERWAY
County Court Park renewal to better suit local recreation needs and integrate environmental education features and community gathering space. UNDERWAY
County Court SNAP neighbourhood residents participate in community planting event
construction work underway in County Court SNAP neighbourhood
County Court neighbourhood residents take part in visioning session

Other implementation achievements:

  • More than 115 events, workshops, and resident meetings engaging 4,200 people
  • Close to 3,700 trees and shrubs planted across public and private land
  • Creation of the resident-led County Court Neighbourhood Association
  • Hundreds of homeowner actions on private property (i.e. Fusion landscape installations, tree planting, energy and water retrofits, etc.)
  • Multiple pilot demonstration projects lessons learned (i.e. Green Home Program and Makeover, integrated infrastructure review, bio-filter swale monitoring, etc.)
  • Dozens of implementation collaborations and engagement of major landowners (i.e. court house, golf courses and multi-unit residential buildings, etc.)
  • Piloting neighbourhood-scale resilience and adaptation planning through the Climate Ready County Court

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County Court Projects

Local Resources


Founded in 2017, the County Court Neighbourhood Association was created by neighbourhood residents with the mission “to promote and foster a strong sense of community, a vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood, and a livable, peaceful and safe part of the City that is inclusive and accessible to all, and to empower members through engagement and community involvement.”

Contact the County Court Neighbourhood Association at


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The City of Brampton has launched an online tree planting tracker tool to help monitor and report progress toward achieving the City’s One Million Trees goal.

If you’ve recently planted a tree, record it on the tree planting tracker.


If you are thinking about planting a tree or shrub in your front or back yard, check out the County Court Tree Guide, which identifies the tree and shrub species that are ideally suited for this neighbourhood.

The trees and shrubs listed in this guide have been expertly selected to thrive in the type of soil and climate that characterizes the County Court neighbourhood. Most are native to Southern Ontario.

Select the image below to view the full-sized guide.

County Court tree guide


Do You Live or Work in this Neighbourhood?
Get Involved!

We want to get residents and businesses involved in the County Court SNAP and other local action. There are opportunities for you to connect with your neighbours and get involved in things that matter to you!

For more information, please contact:
Courtney den Elzen, Coordinator
(416) 669-2329 |

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