Eco Spaces

Applying Brampton Eco Park principles and philosophy, the Bramalea SNAP Action Plan recommends a series of public space revitalization projects, re-shaping older parks — including Fallingdale, Earnscliffe, Eastbourne, Edgebrooke and Knightsbridge Parks — into Eco Spaces.

Fallingdale Park in Brampton

What are Eco Spaces?

Brampton Eco Park is a network of Eco Spaces, including parks, natural heritage features, and streetscapes.

Eco Spaces can be found in natural and urban areas across Brampton, and reflect the needs of the local natural environment and Brampton community.

They strengthen the coexistence of people and the environment by enhancing and maintaining healthy natural systems and processes, integrating opportunities for meaningful social and environmental interactions and experiences, and actively striving to incorporate the seven guiding Eco Park principles:

  1. Maximize ecological value
  2. Make nature visible
  3. Integrate with the surrounding community
  4. Reflect local identity
  5. Provide opportunities for social services
  6. Design with nature
  7. Support innovation

Eco Spaces for the Bramalea SNAP

As a first step, the City of Brampton, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), and partners are initiating detailed concept planning and community involvement for the Fallingdale, Earnscliffe and Eastbourne Parks.

Located in the E and F sections of the neighbourhood, these parks form an extensive open space system over 30 ha in size, with Mimico Creek forming a connecting feature.

Re-naturalization of the Mimico Creek, led by TRCA, will include removal of the degraded concrete-lined channel, resulting in improvements to fish and wildlife habitat, water quality and flood conveyance.

Other nearby projects the City is exploring include updates to the playgrounds, an energy retrofit of Earnscliffe Recreation Centre, and new community gardens in Earnscliffe and Fallingdale parks.

Earnscliffe Park in Brampton

In addition, there is opportunity for more greening and creating welcoming spaces for all ages, including outdoor classrooms, adult outdoor fitness, interpretive signage, improved wayfinding, additional seating and shade, and improved lighting.

Community members and government staff identified a range of potential park features, from small to large interventions, City-led to community-based, and natural to more active uses.

Locally inspired objectives for Fallingdale, Earnscliffe, Eastbourne and Edgebrooke Parks — gathered through workshops, surveys, and engagement — include:

  • Create safe, clean, and welcoming spaces
  • Support thriving natural systems
  • Support healthy active living, for all ages, year round
  • Be engaging, attractive, and a draw for residents
  • Showcase local assets and unique history
  • Be climate-friendly, resilient, minimize greenhouse gases
  • Support community through local employment and skills training, and community-based projects

Interested in getting involved? There will be opportunities to participate and provide input. Contact Justyna Braithwaite at or (437) 880-2409 to learn more.

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