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Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), City of Brampton, Region of Peel and Healthy Communities Initiative are working closely with neighbourhood community leaders, residents, and businesses to implement a Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP) for Bramalea.

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Retrofits to the natural and built environment will demonstrate implementation of City of Brampton’s Grow Green Master Plan, Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan and Vision 2040, TRCA’s Etobicoke and Mimico Creeks Watersheds Plan, the Healthy Communities Initiative (HCI) and Region of Peel Public Health priorities.

They also support the Region of Peel’s Climate Change and Water Efficiency priorities.

The Bramalea SNAP Action Plan

Bramalea SNAP is a comprehensive action plan for neighbourhood revitalization that integrates local community interests and sustainability objectives under the overarching theme of working together for a green, healthy, and welcoming Bramalea SNAP neighbourhood.

The action plan was co-designed with community and stakeholders to reflect local top of mind issues, motivating interests and shared objectives. Engagement also aimed to build relationships and a foundation for long term local action

The Action Plan is made up of six themes, each with their own integrated initiatives:

1. System of Eco Spaces & Green Infrastructure

Re-shaping older parks into Eco Spaces, supporting a healthy green infrastructure system extending into backyards, tower properties, and streets.

  • Eastbourne, Earnscliffe, Fallingdale, Edgebrooke, Folkstone, and Knightsbridge Parks as Eco Spaces


2. Safe & Active Transportation Network

Enhancements to the existing pedestrian and cycling routes, including safe pedestrian crossings and multi-objective road diets improvements in key areas.


3. Healthy Local Food System

A series of interconnected urban agriculture initiatives on private and public land to support local growing, sharing, distribution, and skills building.


4. Home/Building Efficiency & Resilience

Integrated initiatives and targeted programming to reduce GHGs and increase overall climate change resilience in residential homes and buildings.


5. Institutional/Commercial Collaboration & Greening

Targeted engagement of institutional and commercial properties to collaborate on community-based SNAP projects and encourage greening initiatives on their own properties.


6. Community Resilience

Facilitating community events and programming to help support neighbourhood connections, capacity-building, emergency preparedness, education, arts and culture.


Select image below to view the full-sized Action Plan Concept Map.

Bramalea SNAP Action Plan concept map

Read the full Bramalea SNAP Action Plan report approved by Committee of Council, City of Brampton on February 17, 2021.

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Bramalea SNAP Action Plan

Next Steps

TRCA, City of Brampton, and Region of Peel are working closely with the local community and partners to implement the action plan recommendations, which vary from short to long term.

Each recommended project involves further community involvement, so be sure to contact us to get involved or sign up for project updates.


About the Bramalea Community

The SNAP Action Plan will focus on the K, E, and F sections of Bramalea. First developed in the 1960s, this area was planned as Canada’s first “satellite city”* and has a unique history and identity in Brampton.

Select the images below to view full-sized maps.

1958 Bramalea study plan map
1989 map of Bramalea Business Park

*Learn more about Bramalea’s history HERE.

The area is home to more than 13,600 people living in detached and semi-detached homes, town homes, apartment and condo towers.

residential tower in Bramalea
semi-detached home in Bramalea

There are numerous parks, schools and places of worship, as well as a recreation centre. Western portions of the neighbourhood drain to the Spring Creek, which is part of the Etobicoke Creek Watershed. Eastern portions form the headwaters of the main branch of the Mimico Creek, within the Mimico Creek Watershed.

Earnscliffe Park in Bramalea

Local Resources

Have You Recently Planted a Tree? Add it to Brampton’s Tree Planting Tracker!

The City of Brampton has launched an online tree planting tracker tool to help monitor and report progress toward achieving the City’s One Million new trees goal. If you’ve recently planted a tree, record it on the tree planting tracker.

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