West Bolton SNAP

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), along with the Town of Caledon and Region of Peel, is working closely with neighbourhood residents and businesses to develop the West Bolton SNAP project: an on-the-ground demonstration of the town’s Community Climate Change Action Plan.

About the West Bolton SNAP Community

The West Bolton SNAP is located in a mature neighbourhood in Bolton, Caledon’s major urban centre, within the Humber River watershed. The neighbourhood is west of the historic core and comprises mostly residential properties, with pockets of commercial and institutional development.

montage of images from the Caledon SNAP community

The neighbourhood also includes parks, schools, green spaces and trails, and is transversed by Jaffary’s Creek, a tributary of the Humber River.

The local demographic is a mix of young to middle-aged families and older couples, all ranging in cultural diversity.

montage of images from the Caledon SNAP community

About the Plan

This project is one of six SNAPs happening across the GTA; it focuses on working with the community to achieve measurable environmental and neighbourhood improvement.

West Bolton SNAP addresses municipal priorities, neighbourhood-specific interests and a variety of watershed and regional objectives across a range of theme areas that include:

  • Lot-level stormwater management
  • Home energy and water conservation
  • Regeneration of local streams
  • Community cohesion
  • Health and well-being
  • Improvement of urban forest, natural areas and parks
  • Active transportation such as walking and cycling

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Do you live or work in this neighbourhood? Get involved!

We want to get local residents and businesses involved in developing the West Bolton SNAP. Keep an eye out for us at your local events!

Got questions? Contact:

Justyna Braithwaite
Coordinator, SNAP Projects

416-661-6600 x 5778

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