West Bolton SNAP

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), along with the Town of Caledon and Region of Peel, is working closely with neighbourhood residents and businesses to implement the West Bolton SNAP project: an on-the-ground demonstration of the town’s Community Climate Change Action Plan.

About the West Bolton SNAP Community

The West Bolton SNAP is located in a mature neighbourhood in Bolton, Caledon’s major urban centre, within the Humber River watershed. The neighbourhood is west of the historic core and comprises mostly residential properties, with pockets of commercial and institutional development.

houses on lakefront in West Bolton
residential subdivision in West Bolton
detached houses in West Bolton

The neighbourhood also includes parks, schools, green spaces and trails, and is transversed by Jaffary’s Creek, a tributary of the Humber River.

The local demographic is a mix of young to middle-aged families and older couples, all ranging in cultural diversity.

entrance to Humber Valley Heritage Trail
apple tree
forest and stream in West Bolton

About the Plan

The overarching theme of this Action Plan is “bringing people, nature and places together”.  This theme reflects local interest in connectivity: physical to local destinations, natural areas and people, and emotional connection to and recognition of the neighbourhood’s history and future.

West Bolton SNAP thought leaders forum

The overall visionary concept of the Action Plan is an interconnected network of trails and revitalized destinations. This concept is informed by and 5 goals for various neighbourhood features and functions that the Action Plan aims to achieve. These goals are as follows:

  • Living Creek and Wildlife – interventions focus on improved SWM, habitat enhancements, and providing nature-based experiences.
  • Living Trails – interventions that focus on promoting active transportation for all ages, streetscaping, and trail improvements as well as traffic calming.
  • Living Places – interventions that focus on renewing public spaces and institutional properties to provide greater opportunities for the community to come together, to celebrate the local heritage while increasing the urban forest cover and managing stormwater.
  • Living Homes – interventions that focus on strategic home & property retrofits and behaviour changes that can collectively contribute to reduced energy and water consumption, increased waste diversion, increased urban forest canopy and improved stormwater management.
  • Living Communities – interventions that focus on nurturing the existing community groups and residents to create a neighbourhood movement to support the implementation of the action plan projects and neighbourhood resilience.


West Bolton SNAP neighbourhood tree planting event


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We want to get local residents and businesses involved in developing the West Bolton SNAP. Keep an eye out for us at your local events!

Got questions? Contact:

Justyna Braithwaite
Project Manager, SNAP Projects


In Partnership With:

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Region of Peel


University of Toronto Daniels Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design logo

Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, University of Toronto

In order to tap into leading-edge approaches to creating ecologically sustainable and culturally stimulating spaces, TRCA partnered with an interdisciplinary team from the University of Toronto’s Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the following:

  • Liat Margolis, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture
  • Cynthia Chiu-Chen, Student
  • Michelle Harper, Student
  • Vinaya Mani, Student

  • Victor Perez-Amado, Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urbanism
  • Michael De Luca, Student
  • Adeline Hu, Student