Rexdale SNAP

Rexdale SNAP Spring 2023 Tree and Shrub Giveaway

Are you interested in greening your property? The Rexdale SNAP program has free trees and shrubs* available to interested homeowners and property owners living within the Rexdale SNAP boundaries. (To confirm that you are in an eligible location, please refer to the boundary map below.)

To submit orders, interested homeowners/property owners must complete this online form by March 31, 2023.

For more information, please contact Patricia Lewis at

*Types of trees and shrubs are listed in the request form. Quantities are limited, and available on a first come, first-served basis, subject to availability.

Rexdale SNAP Area Boundaries

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map of Rexdale SNAP area boundaries

About the SNAP Action Plan

The SNAP Action Plan is a comprehensive action plan for neighbourhood revitalization that integrates local community interests, and sustainability and resiliency objectives.

The Rexdale SNAP combines government and community priorities, resulting in measurable environmental improvements and community health and well-being benefits.


green circle Phase 1: Q3 to Q4, 2020
Scoping Issues, Stakeholders and Interests
green circle Phase 2: Q4, 2020 to Q1, 2021
Defining Motivational Themes and Action Planning Concept Areas
green circle Phase 3: Q1 to Q4, 2021
Co-creating the Action Plan

SNAP’s planning process begins with neighborhood selection, using a unique Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) mapping tool that layers the priorities of the watershed, local municipalities, and planned capital projects.

This selection exercise identifies hot spot areas of overlapping priorities, ensuring that multiple outcomes can be achieved.

Once the neighbourhood is selected, the planning process moves through three phases, containing two crucial workshops before implementation is initiated.

Multi-stakeholder engagement, quick start launches and events, and scoping and analysis take place across all three planning phases.


Contact Information

We want to get residents and local establishments involved. Keep an eye out for us at your community events!

Questions? Please contact:

Adriana Gomez
Senior Program Manager, Sustainable Neighbourhoods

(437) 880-2408