Projects: Sheridan Rain Garden

In 2016, a partnership project led by Ecosource with Sheridan Nurseries and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) involved youth in the design and installation of a raingarden at the Sheridan Nurseries retail site at 2069 Burnhamthorpe Rd. E.

The rain garden creates a living showcase aimed at promoting homeowner participation in residential home retrofit initiatives and encourages connections between residents and local business. This project was generously supported by the Government of Ontario’s Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund.

Burnhamthorpe SNAP raingarden planting project at Sheridan Nurseries

SNAP managed the technical aspects of this project. Staff from TRCA’s Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP) staff helped with such components as ideal site selection and soil infiltration testing for the best storm water management outcome.

Other specialized TRCA staff were involved with presenting at the youth workshops, formalizing the winning youth’s design, and making plant selections.

Positioned at the entrance of this Sheridan Nurseries location, the rain garden serves strategically as an ideal demonstration of green infrastructure for residents, commercial enterprises and industry, and also represents a venue where SNAP can host future workshops on this and other green initiatives.

The 189 square-foot rain garden captures and infiltrates rainfall from the area upslope of the garden, including the sidewalk (approximately 364 square feet). It will capture and absorb this runoff, allowing it time to infiltrate down through the ground.

In addition to helping recharge groundwater stores, it also reduces pollution to and erosion of the Etobicoke Creek, which lies downstream of the garden.