Bayview Glen SNAP

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and the City of Markham have worked closely with local residents and businesses to develop the Bayview Glen SNAP (Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program).

This action-oriented plan builds on Markham’s Greenprint Sustainability Plan initiatives to help the neighbourhood prepare for climate change and become a national leader in sustainability. The progressive action plan was endorsed by Council in April of 2016.

About the Bayview Glen SNAP Community

Bayview Glen is a beautiful neighbourhood located in the community of Thornhill in the City of Markham and the Don River Watershed.

Bayview Glen neighbourhood streetscape

Approximately 2,400 people reside in the neighbourhood, enjoying access to a mix of housing types, parks, parkettes, an elementary school, places of worship and nearby commercial and retail services. A branch of the East Don River flows through the area, contributing to create a rural outlook highly appreciated by the neighbours.

Bayview Glen is characterized primarily by single detached homes built on large lots with green lawns, wide driveways and mature trees. These features, as well as the neighbourhood’s proximity to a variety of amenities, make Bayview Glen a highly desirable place to live in the City of Markham and wider GTA.

Bayview Glen neighbourhood streetscape

About the Plan

The Bayview Glen SNAP is an integrated action plan to foster local sustainability and wellbeing through improvements in five core areas:

  • Water efficiency
  • Ecosystem integrity
  • Energy and climate
  • Access and mobility
  • Identity and culture

Priority actions addressing each core area were identified to improve local sustainability within the public realm as were those actions that could be achieved on private residential lots.

A community fair in the Bayview Glen neighbourhood

Initiatives proposed in the Action Plan include:

  • Retrofitting Bayview Glen Park, Glencrest Park and Stone Farm Parkette to achieve a range of SNAP objectives.
  • Implementing stormwater management initiatives within several cul-de-sacs in the neighbourhood.
  • Retrofitting some streets that have a “rural” cross-section to improve stormwater management, enhance aesthetics and create a more durable pavement structure.
  • Installing sidewalks and bicycle routes to improve walkability and provide active transportation options.
  • Implementing a separate sub-surface drainage system in the road right-of-ways, consisting of perforated pipes within granular trenches to manage stormwater and reduce flooding.
  • Improving energy and water efficiency of residential dwellings.
  • Managing stormwater on the homes surrounding property and through evapotranspiration as well as reducing infiltration and inflow to the surrounding sanitary system.
  • Encouraging behaviour change for more sustainable choices.
  • Succession planting for aging trees and dying ash trees.

The Bayview Glen Action Plan was the proud recipient of 2016’s National Award of Excellence for New Directions from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. LEARN MORE.


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We want to get local residents and businesses involved in developing the Bayview Glen SNAP. We will be holding community meetings and events, tree and shrub plantings in the park, and educational workshops to save money for your home.

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