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Since 2003, the Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge program has been bringing together leading municipalities to achieve exceptional levels of energy and environmental performance in municipal facilities.


Please join us in congratulating the City of Mississauga and the City of Moncton for their first place finish in the Town Hall Challenge 20 by ’15.

This year we are also awarding The Living City Energy Efficiency Leadership Award. This new award recognizes leadership in achieving their energy targets and thus reducing their conservation potential to 5% or less. The Gold Award will go to municipal buildings that meet their target. The Silver Award goes to municipal buildings that get to within 5% of their target.

For 2016 the Gold award presented to the City of Mississauga for their Civic Centre at the Sustainability Forum on November 9, 2016. Congratulations!


Program Documents

Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge Annual Forum 2017
Examining municipal Energy Conservation and Demand Management (ECDM) Plans

The Forum is our annual signature event, bringing together municipalities, government, utility companies, associations and industry experts to drive forward the energy and environmental performance of municipal facilities.

This year’s forum provides a mid-term review of Ontario’s Energy Conservation and Demand Management (ECDM) plans, examining content and progress of existing municipal plans, and setting the stage for the 2019 reporting on savings achieved and updating of plans to incorporate new knowledge and targets. We will be revisiting the Town Hall Challenge, in which a growing number of municipalities are meeting and surpassing this new standard of excellence in Town and City Hall energy efficiency. We will present case studies of some of the most energy efficient facilities, as well as those making the biggest savings, and profile the products and services involved in their success. And we will report on continued progress with high performance community centres, sharing best practices used to achieve excellent energy efficiency.

Where appropriate, exhibitors will be invited to participate on one of our technical panels, focusing on case studies of high performing facilities and those that have greatly improved performance.  If you have worked with a community centre or a Town or City Hall and would like to co-present a case study, please let us know!

MMC Forum Flyer 2017

MMC Forum 2017 Exhibitor Registration

Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge Annual Forum 2016
High Performance Community Centres

November 9, 2016 

The Forum is the MMC’s annual signature event, bringing together municipalities, government, utility companies, associations and industry experts from across Canada to share best practices used to achieve excellent energy performance, while demonstrating leadership in taking action towards more sustainable communities. Members manage data, assess their energy and environmental performance, set targets and track savings, using the largest online municipal database in Canada.

The 2016 Forum focused on high performance community centres. The top-performing facilities were profiled and members were informed about actual performance, savings potential and energy conservation actions for their own facilities. The participants learnt about the technologies and operational practices of top performers, and how, over the next 4 years, the Challenge will be helping them to identify retrofit projects for implementation in order to meet their energy, environmental and cost savings goals.

MMC Forum 2016 Agenda

  1. Keynote Speaker: Dianne Saxe, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario (ECO)
  2. Executive Panel: Funding programs and policies to help municipalities reduce energy use in their facilities
    • Gabriella Kalapos, Clean Air Partnership (CAP)
    • Julia Langer, CEO, Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF)
    • Shannon Joseph – Senior Manager of R&D, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
    • Karen Clark, Director of the Air Policy and Climate Change Branch, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
  3. Representatives from the following municipalities and organizations presented case studies on top performing and top saving facilities, focusing on refrigeration and ice plants in their community centres.
    • Adam MacMullin, Energy Management Coordinator, City of Barrie
    • Alex Chapman, Program Manager, Energy Facilities Management, City of Guelph
    • Sal Daei, Supervisor, Energy Management, City of Brampton
    • Daniel Giguère, Expert Refrigeration and Heat Pump, CanmetENERGY
    • Terry Piche, Technical Director, Ontario Recreation Facilities Association (ORFA)


  1. Allandale RC – City of Barrie
  2. CanmetENERGY – Best Practices for Refrigeration Ice Plant Systems
  3. Centennial Recreation Centre – City of Toronto
  4. Chris Gibson and Earnscliffe RC – City of Brampton
  5. Civic Recreation Complex – City of Oshawa
  6. Enbridge Gas Ice Resurfacing Incentive
  7. FCM – Green Municipal Fund (GMF)
  8. Keynote Address – Dianne Saxe (ECO)
  9. LAS – LED Lighting in Recreational Facilities
  10. Milliken Mills CC – City of Markham
  11. Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan (MOECC)
  12. Solar Ontario – Review of Solar Systems installed in Ontario
  13. TRCA – Lessons learned from solar research
  14. West End CC – City of Guelph

MMC Forum Flyer 2016

Upcoming Events

Nov 22 @ 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Black Creek Pioneer Village
Case studies of top performers provide the backdrop for in-depth examination of critical success factors in achieving and sustaining high performance facilities. Participants share their experience with technologies and operational practices which make the difference,...


We are very proud of our members. They have achieved significant year over year energy savings of more than 525 thousand giga-joules since the start of the program. Congratulations!

But that’s not all. Based on the analysis of energy data submitted to the Ministry of Energy in compliance with the Green Energy Act regulations, the town and city halls of our member municipalities use 24% less energy per square foot than non-member town and city halls! As always they lead by example!

  • Barrie (City of)
  • Brampton (City of)
  • Caledon (Town of)
  • Guelph (City of)
  • Markham (City of)
  • Mississauga (City of)
  • Oshawa (City of)
  • Peel (Region of)
  • Richmond Hill (Town of)
  • Toronto (City of)

There are 117 buildings enrolled with a total area of 855,731 m2.

Program Savings Since 2003

  • Energy: 525,013 GJ
  • GHG: 21,992 tonnes
  • Water: 565,978 m3
  • Cost: $9,577,178


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