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Keep cool this summer! Our swimming pools and waterplay areas offer wet, wild and wonderful adventure for youngsters of all ages.

TRCA Splash Pads & Pools:

Facility Operating Hours
(until September 4, 2023
weather permitting)
Splash Pad and Pool Admission (+HST)
2 years of age and older*
Albion Hills Aquatic Facility
Albion Hills Conservation Park
Closed For The Season
General Public:
$3.75 per person (age 2+) per day
Heart Lake Aquatic Facility
Heart Lake Conservation Park
Closed For The Season
General Public:
$4.65 per person (age 2+) per day

*Children under 2 with family receive free admission.
**Parks members must show membership pass to receive special price.

The Petticoat Creek Conservation Park aquatic facility remains closed. An engineering assessment has determined that the facility requires significant mechanical and infrastructure upgrades. We are exploring options for future activity at this site, including funding and/or partnership support.


TRCA swimming pool admittance policy

Swimming at TRCA Pools: Rules & Information

  • To ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for children, TRCA’s Swimming Pool Admittance Wristband Policy is in effect at Albion Hills and Heart Lake pools.
  • Proper swimming attire and/or a clean set of swimming-designated clothes must be worn in the pool. Street clothes are not permitted.
  • Swim diapers are mandatory for all children under 2 years of age, and for those who are not toilet trained. Ordinary disposable diapers are not permitted: these can clog the pool’s filtration system, as they start to break apart when they become too wet.
  • Please help keep our pools clean, and do not eat just before entering into the pools. If you do need to eat, please wait one hour before swimming, to allow food to settle. This applies especially for children. Please also remember to take your children to the washroom before going into the pool.
  • Health regulations require a pool to be closed when a fouling occurs. The pool will reopen once the water chemistry is balanced and any affected equipment is disinfected.
  • The use of photographic devices, including cell phones, is prohibited in the change rooms and washrooms.
  • Glass, cameras and cell phones are not allowed on the pool deck. Cell phones and camera lenses have glass that can easily break when accidentally dropped, which can pose a hazard.
  • Pets are not permitted in the aquatic facilities.

View TRCA’s Swimming Pool Admittance Policy

About Our Swimming Facilities

Albion Hills Aquatic Facility

    at Albion Hills Conservation Park:

  • Fully accessible 440 square-metre wading pool (Four feet deep)
  • 125 square-metre interactive splash pad
  • Clean and safe water fun for kids of all ages
  • Wetland-themed water features
  • State-of-the-art water conservation technology

swimming at Albion Hills Conservation Park

Heart Lake Aquatic Facility

    at Heart Lake Conservation Park:

  • 840 sq metre heated swimming pool (8 ft. deep)
  • Clean and safe water fun for kids all ages
  • 500 person capacity
  • State-of-the-art water conservation technology
  • located in natural wilderness surroundings

Swimming at Heart Lake Conservation Area

Our Water Conservation Technology

Water Recycling System

Water used by the Aquatic Playground elements is collected in drains located on the floor of the playground. It is then pumped back into the pump house where it is filtered through sand filters, sanitized by a UV system, and pumped by a 15hp circulation pump back through the system to be used again.

Treated water passes through sensors that ensure water going to the spray features is clean. If the makeup of water passing through the sensors is not within the allowable limits, the system shuts down, thus ensuring the quality of water being used.

Energy and Water Efficiency

A system controller ensures that the Aquatic Playground features only use water when activated by a user pushing an activation button located in the playground.

The features are pre-programmed to follow various sequences once activated.

Washrooms and the pump house feature energy efficient light fixtures and low flow toilets and faucets.

Visit www.watersmartpeel.ca to learn more about water-saving toilets and fixtures.

TRCA swimming pools water conservation

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