Active Transportation in K-8 Peel Schools

Are you a parent living in the Region of Peel, with children in kindergarten to grade 8? Use the active transportation resources on this page to get moving to and from school in healthy and active ways!

We encourage teachers to take advantage of these resources too! You can use them in class and share with students and their families.

What is Active Transportation?

Active transportation means using people power to get where you’re going!

You can use your feet, bike, scooter, or any other form of non-motorized vehicle to get you to your destination.

child riding bicycle
two children wearing knapsacks and walking hand in hand to school
child on scooter

Did You Know?

Active transportation …

bicycle wheel icon Helps to promote well-being and positive mental health, including reducing day-to-day stress.
bicycle wheel icon Increases physical fitness/activity, including helping to lower risks of chronic disease such as obesity and/or diabetes.
bicycle wheel icon Increases the ability to learn, improves concentration, and helps your children do better in school.
bicycle wheel icon Helps to reduce traffic congestion in and around school zones, which means safer streets for everyone.
bicycle wheel icon Helps to reduce your climate impact and the harmful effects of air pollution.

Make Active Transportation Your #1 Choice

bicycle wheel icon Make walking or rolling to school your first choice!
If it were up to the kids, they would choose walking or rolling to school as their first choice. Why not make it yours too? Even if your school is far from home, students can walk to the bus stop! Consider different ways a pick-up or drop-off routine could include stepping out of your car and completing your journey to school by walking or rolling.
bicycle wheel icon Plan and practice!
As a household you can begin to practice your route to school together. You can also encourage children to walk or roll on their own, with siblings or friends, depending on their age and maturity.

More Ways to Get Your Family Involved

bicycle wheel icon Use the resources below to help you gain more knowledge and comfort with active transportation.
bicycle wheel icon Bookmark this page and check back often — we’ll be adding new resources regularly!
bicycle wheel icon Reach out to your child(ren)’s EcoSchools or active transportation lead to see how you can support your school and your community in promoting active transportation choices.

Active Transportation News & Articles

children ride to school on bicycles

Building Better Students and Roads with Active Transportation
July 22, 2021 – Active transportation helps kids arrive at school ready to learn, and offers other benefits too — including safer streets, healthier communities and cleaner air. READ MORE

car keys in ignition

The Toxic Chemistry of Driving to School
August 10, 2021 – As soon as we turn the key in the ignition, we release a plethora of dangerous chemicals. Taking your car off the road, even for a fraction of the journey, has significant benefits. READ MORE



Walk and Roll to School - A Guide for Parents This new guide from Region of Peel includes tips and resources to make walking and rolling to school easier for you and your family. DOWNLOAD NOW.


  • Benefits of Walking and Rolling to School
  • Walking Skills Checklist
  • School Travel: Myths vs Facts


Use these videos to help get the whole family’s bikes ready to go for the season. Complete an ABC Quick Check before you head out for your ride.

More videos to come — stay tuned!

ACTIVITIES: Active Transportation BINGO!

Get everyone in the household familiar and comfortable with the active route to school by playing this fun BINGO game!

Play as often as you can, using all the different modes of active transportation before the start of the school year, so that the whole family is ready to get walking and rolling!

We’ve created three different cards. To keep the game fresh, download a different card for each member of your family, or select a new one each time you play!

Select the thumbnails below to download.

active transportation bingo card number one
Active Transportation bingo card number two
active transportation bingo card number three

WEBINAR: Active Transportation in Peel Schools

Region of Peel and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), in partnership with local Peel organizations, have designed a webinar for teachers, administrators, and parents of Peel students to learn more about and be better prepared to help youngsters become more active on their commutes to and from school.

View the recorded webinar:




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