Can You Dig It? CTV’s Anwar Knight Gets Down and Dirty with TRCA’s Archaeology Team

Planning a nature walk this weekend through one of the GTA’s many green spaces? Take a moment while you’re at it to ponder the history beneath your feet.

Before the first settlers arrived here — long centuries before there were highways and condominiums, baseball diamonds and bubble tea shops — indigenous peoples lived on these lands. Remnants of First Nations villages can still be found throughout the region.

As part of its mission to preserve and protect local natural and cultural heritage, TRCA manages the archaeological resources found on its lands. In addition to conducting archaeological surveys and doing excavations in the field, the TRCA Archaeology team runs a variety of educational programs, including an annual archaeology field school.

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This morning, CTV Toronto’s Anwar Knight got a chance to channel his “inner Indiana Jones,” joining the Archaeology team at a local dig site — once home to an Aboriginal people’s settlement dating as far back as the 1200’s.

TRCA’s Alistair Jolly and Aldo Missio gave him a look at some artifacts previously found on sites like this one, including arrowheads and pottery fragments, and offered a preview of the hands-on archeological work that students will get to do at this summer’s field school.

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The 40th season of TRCA’s Boyd Archaeological Field School takes place from July 14-30, 2017 at the Claremont Field Centre in Pickering, Ontario. Students can earn an Ontario High School Credit in two weeks, doing real archaeology.

Openings are still available. REGISTER NOW!

TRCA archaeology program students in the field