Modelling References Section

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Engineering Services department utilizes hydrologic and HEC-RAS hydraulic models to aid in enforcing policies and regulations intended to ensure that new developments are located outside of the flood risk area.

All hydrology/hydrologic modelling reports are shown below:

Etobicoke Creek Watershed
Etobicoke Creek Hydrology
Composed by MMM Group Limited
Final Report, April 2013

Mimico Creek Watershed
Mimico Creek Hydrologic
Composed by MMM Group Limited
Final Report, Dec 2009

Humber River Watershed
Humber River Hydrology
Composed by Civica Infrastructure Inc.
Final Report, April 2018

Flood Plain Mapping for East Humber River
Composed by R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited
Final Report, May 2012

Don River Watershed
Don River Hydrology
Composed by Marshall Macklin Monaghan
Final Report, 2004

Highland Creek Watershed
Highland Creek Hydrology
Composed by Aquafor Beech Limited
Final Report, Dec 2004

Duffins Creek Watershed
Duffins Creek Hydrology
Composed by Aquafor Beech Limited
Final Report, Feb 2013

Rouge River Watershed
Rouge River Hydrology Study
Composed by Wood Environmental & Infrastructure Solutions a Divison of Wood Canada Limited
Final Report, Sept 2018 

Petticoat Creek Watershed
Petticoat Creek Watershed Hydrology
Composed by Greenland Consulting Engineers
Final Report, Oct 2006

Carruthers Creek Watershed
Carruthers Creek Watershed Hydrology
Composed by Cole Engineering
Final Report, Oct 2011

Frenchman’s Bay Watershed
Currently being developed.

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