TRCA 10-Year Strategic Plan

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s (TRCA) 2013-2022 Strategic Plan helps to guide our work and communicate how the organization is moving forward on significant priorities.

NEW: Five-Year Update

In October 2018, the TRCA Board of Directors endorsed the five-year update to the Strategic Plan, which reflects input from staff, stakeholders and Board members.

You can download a PDF copy of the updated Strategic Plan HERE or view the plan using the document reader below. Select Read Now for a full-screen view; select the arrow to the right to advance to the next page.

The updated Strategic Plan retains the strategic directions of the original plan issued in 2013, but is more outcome-oriented. It places greater emphasis on TRCA’s traditional mandated roles and responsibilities and our valuable implementation role for our partners.

It also includes projected strategic accomplishments and key performance measures that permit us to clearly demonstrate success in delivering projects and programs.

This updated Plan is TRCA’s roadmap for the next five years. It will guide our actions and help set the standards by which we, and others, will assess our success.


  1. Green the Toronto region’s economy
  2. Manage our regional water resources for current and future generations
  3. Rethink greenspace to maximize its value
  4. Create complete communities that integrate nature and the built environment
  5. Foster sustainable citizenship
  6. Tell the story of the Toronto region
  7. Build partnerships and new business models
  8. Gather and share the best sustainability knowledge
  9. Measure performance
  10. Accelerate innovation
  11. Invest in our staff
  12. Facilitate a region-wide approach to sustainability


About the Strategic Plan

TRCA’s Strategic Plan sets out the directions Toronto and Region Conservation Authority we intend to pursue over the 10-year period from 2013 to 2022. It emphasizes our paramount commitment to safeguarding and enhancing the health and well-being of the residents of the Toronto region through the protection and restoration of the natural environment and the fundamental ecological services our environment provides.

Download the Original 2013-2022 Strategic Plan


Introduction Introduction
Chapter 1. Where Will This Strategic Plan Take Us?
Chapter 2. Guiding Principles
Chapter 3. What Challenges Must We Address?
Chapter 4. Strategic Directions
Chapter 5. Putting The Plan Into Action
Chapter 6. This Plan Builds On TRCA’s Legacy
Inside back cover Image Captions and TRCA Jurisdictional Map