Board Policies and Guidelines

TRCA’s Board of Directors Administrative By-law was approved at the September 28, 2018 Authority Meeting and was last amended on January 29, 2021. The By-law guides Board Members in their roles as TRCA representatives.

The Terms of Reference for the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and advisory boards are included as attachments to the By-law.

TRCA expects Board Members to meet the highest standards of conduct when carrying out their responsibilities.

The standards are set in the Code of Conduct for Board Members (Appendix 1 of the By-Law) and Conflict of Interest for Board Members (Appendix 3 of the By-Law).

All Board Members are further subject to the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and are accountable to their appointing municipalities.

Members of the public may submit a formal complaint against a Board Member should they believe that the Board Member contravenes any of applicable legislation, by-laws or policies.


Subject to Board of Directors approval and provided that a Member acted honestly, in good faith with a view to the best interests of TRCA, with due regard for the legality of their actions or omissions, and within the scope of their duties and responsibilities, TRCA shall indemnify and defend its Members and their heirs, in respect of any civil, criminal or administrative action, order, claim or proceeding, from and against all costs, charges and expenses, including all amounts paid to settle any real or potential action, claim, charge, order, or proceeding, or to satisfy any judgement reasonably incurred by any such Members to which any such individual is made a party by reason of being a TRCA Member (“Claim”), and to the extent only that such a Claim is not covered by Insurance.

For additional information, please consult section B18 – Indemnification of Board Members in the By-Law.


The Use of Resources During an Election Policy (Appendix 2 of the By-Law) provides a consistent approach and direction for Board Members and TRCA employees on how TRCA physical resources can and cannot be used during municipal, school board, provincial and federal election campaigns.