Advisory Boards and Committees

In addition to its Board of Directors, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has a number of advisory boards and committees that provide informed, expert advice to TRCA’s Board and staff, as well as guidance and support for key TRCA initiatives.

Regional Watershed Alliance

Established and approved by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) Board of Directors in 2017 as part of the TRCA Community Engagement Strategy 2017-2027 (RES.#A102/17), the Regional Watershed Alliance is an advisory committee to the Board.

The RWA comprises diverse community members from across the Greater Toronto Area who provide input on TRCA initiatives and advise the Board of Directors and TRCA staff, including providing input on TRCA and municipal partner programs and projects and matters of community interest.

RWA membership includes approximately 45 voting members, representing TRCA watershed residents, sector experts and organizations, municipal, provincial, and federal governments, and TRCA’s Board of Directors.

The RWA is primarily responsible for:

  • Forging partnerships and collaborations that build our collective capacity to advance the goals of TRCA’s Strategic Plan: Building The Living City 2013-2022 and TRCA Strategic Plan – Five Year Update, and providing a platform for collective action on cross-jurisdictional and cross-sectoral priorities
  • Sharing and advocating for TRCA initiatives in order to disseminate and engage the public in the good work that TRCA does, and build support for TRCA and its mandate
  • Working with staff in setting regional and local priorities that help advance TRCA’s and its municipal partners’ objectives of sustainable communities, recommendations of TRCA’s 2017 Community Engagement Strategy, watershed plans, watershed report cards, and The Living City Report Card
  • Providing input to TRCA-led and partner-led initiatives in order to apply a multi-stakeholder lens to work and projects within TRCA’s watersheds.

The TRCA Youth Council is also a part of Regional Watershed Alliance and is open to youth aged 16 to 30 who reside or go to school within TRCA’s jurisdiction.

The Youth Council engages young people in the environmental issues that are important to them and provides career development resources for those interested in the environmental field.

RWA Membership

RWA members are recruited from different sectors representing various network connections, based on a diverse skill set and demonstrated expertise and knowledge of the watersheds within TRCA’s jurisdiction.

Several different types of voting members are appointed to the RWA:

  • Up to five (5) TRCA Board of Directors Members representing each member municipality (Toronto, York, Peel, and Durham)
  • Up to twenty (20) Watershed Residents belonging to TRCA’s watersheds
  • Up to ten (10) Sector Experts from non-governmental organizations
  • Up to eight (8) Municipal Representatives who work for or represent municipalities within TRCA’s jurisdiction
  • Up to one (1) Provincial Representative: a political representative or senior staff from the Province of Ontario
  • Up to one (1) Federal Representative: a local political representative or senior staff from the Government of Canada

In addition to these voting members, one or two non-voting experts with extensive experience in the public sector or watersheds can be appointed to the RWA.

Current RWA Members

Up to five (5) TRCA Board Members
Joanne Dies Region of Durham
Maria Kelleher City of Toronto
Jennifer Innis Region of Peel
Up to twenty (20) Watershed Residents
Margaret Bream Toronto Waterfront
Heather Broadbent Humber Watershed
Rui Felix Humber Watershed
David Laing Etobicoke Watershed
Lisette Mallet Humber Watershed
Mick Malowany Don Watershed
Mike Mattos Humber Watershed
Madeleine McDowell Humber Watershed
Chris McGlynn Etobicoke Watershed
Amory Ngan Don Watershed
Joanne Nonnekes Humber Watershed
Kevin O’Connor Highland Creek Watershed
Michael Presutti Don Watershed
Andrew Vrana Don Watershed
Andy Wickens (Vice-Chair) Don Watershed
Up to ten (10) Sector Experts and Organizations
Thomas Bowers The Greenbelt Foundation
Elizabeth Calvin Green Durham Association
Orlando Gomez FoodShare
Rosemary Keenan Sierra Club (Peel Region)
Blayre Parsons TD Bank Group
Doug Wright Waterlution
Up to eight (8) Municipal Representatives
Stephen Dasko City of Mississauga
David Dyce Town of Mono
Christina Early Town of Caledon
Sara Olivieri Township of King
David Pickles City of Pickering
Ruth Rendon City of Vaughan
Cameron Richardson Town of Ajax
Up to two (2) Non-Voting Experts
Learie Miller Region of Peel

RWA Reference Materials


Partners in Project Green Executive Management Committee

Initiated in 2008 by Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) (RES.#A184/08, page 480), Partners in Project Green (PPG) supports a growing community of businesses working together to advance environmental action and economic prosperity across the Greater Toronto Area by fostering collaborations with businesses and municipalities, supporting the implementation of sustainable technologies and practices, and participating in projects that produce tangible environmental benefits.

Reporting to TRCA’s Board of Directors, the Partners in Project Green Executive Management Committee (PPG EMC) has a mandate to:

  • Assist businesses to help improve their environmental performance while at the same time improving costs
  • Attract and retain clean and more environmentally friendly investments in the Pearson Eco-Business Zone and beyond
  • Act as a catalyst for new ideas, innovation, excellence, and improvement in employment lands, with a focus on reducing environmental impacts

The Executive Management Committee is primarily responsible for:

  • Providing leadership and communication among Partners in Project Green members and supporters
  • Acting as an ambassador for Partners in Project Green
  • Reviewing and approving the Partners in Project Green strategy and programs as
  • Reviewing and approving the Partners in Project Green budget
  • Monitoring overall Partners in Project Green priorities and performance
  • Guidance relating to Partners in Project Green activities

PPG EMC Membership

The PPG EMC comprises:

  • One (1) Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) member
  • TRCA’s Chief Executive Officer
  • Up to four (4) municipal representatives
  • Up to eight (8) business representatives with an affiliation to TRCA’s jurisdiction
  • Up to one (1) Ontario Chamber of Commerce or affiliate Local Board of Trade or Chamber of Commerce representative
  • Up to one (1) community representative to be selected from TRCA’s Professional Access into Employment (PAIE) program and/or Newcomer Youth Green Economy Project (NYGEP)
  • Up to one (1) youth representative attending a post-secondary institution in TRCA’s jurisdiction
  • Up to three (3) members at large

Current PPG EMC Members

One (1) GTAA Member
Todd Ernst (Co-Chair) Director, Aviation Infrastructure, Energy & Environment Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA)
TRCA’s Chief Executive Officer
John MacKenzie Chief Executive Officer Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)
Up to Four (4) Municipal Representatives
Chris Fonseca Regional Councillor – Ward 3 City of Mississauga
Jack Heath Regional Councillor – Ward 5 City of Markham
Anthony Perruzza Councillor, Ward 7 – Humber River-Black Creek City of Toronto
Paul Vicente Regional Councillor – Wards 1 and 5 City of Brampton
Up to Eight (8) Business Representatives
John Coyne (Co-Chair) Chief Executive Coyne Consulting Services
Michelle Brown Vice President, Property Management BentallGreenOak
Erica Brabon Director, Energy & Sustainability Black and McDonald
Brad Chittick President Hydrogen Business Council
Patrick Huynh Director, Carbon and Energy Maple Leaf Foods
Maxx Kochar Chief Business Officer Silver Dart Group
Up to One (1) Community Representative
Vivek Chauhan Program Advisor, Renewable Energy and Power Markets Ontario Power Generation
Up to Three (3) Members at Large
Scott Pegg Senior Vice President Infrastructure Ontario
Christine Tu Director, Office of Climate Change and Energy Management Region of Peel
Doug Whillans Councillor – Wards 2 and 6 City of Brampton

PPG EMC Reference Materials


Natural Science and Education Committee

The Natural Science and Education Committee (NSEC) is an advisory board of Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s (TRCA) Board of Directors. Approved by the Board on May 28, 2021 (RES.#A107/21), the NSEC was formed as a result of recommendations from the Outdoor Education Task Force (OETF).

The objective of the NSEC is to advise the TRCA Board of Directors and partner agencies on the effective implementation and advancement of the recommendations of the Outdoor Education Task Force, specifically the following:

  • Establish consistent access and curricular standards across TRCA and school boards
  • Establish a unified performance measurement system
  • Advance shared-ownership and access models that enhance and sustain an overall out-of-classroom learning system
  • Develop a long-term equitable access financial plan

Currently, recruitment is expected to occur over the summer of 2021, and the NSEC is anticipated to begin meeting in November 2021.

NSEC Membership

Membership comprise representatives from the following:

  • Up to ten (10) School Board Trustees from each of the area school boards
  • Up to two (2) TRCA Board of Directors Members
  • Up to two (2) Ministry of Education Representatives
  • Up to two (2) Indigenous Representatives with a Treaty right or historical affiliation to TRCA’s jurisdiction
  • Up to two (2) Youth Representatives attending an educational institution in TRCA’s jurisdiction

NSEC Reference Materials


Meeting Materials

All materials for advisory board meetings can be found on our Meetings, Agendas, And Minutes page.

Addressing Advisory Boards

Members of the public are welcome to provide input on agenda items at upcoming advisory board meetings. A person or organization may address an advisory board by submitting a delegation request.

In addition, members of the public and organizations may submit correspondence to be included in an agenda for an upcoming advisory board meeting.

For further information on submitting delegation requests and correspondence, please visit our Addressing the Board page.

Advisory Board Remuneration

Advisory board members will contribute their expertise as in-kind services. Compensation for transportation will be provided for attendance at meetings according to TRCA policy where these are not covered by their agency or other source.

For further information, please visit our Board Policies and Guidelines page.

Contact Information

For any questions or comments regarding TRCA’s advisory boards, please contact the Clerk’s Office at (437) 880-2328 or by email at