Water Systems

Facility: Kortright Centre for Conservation
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Program Levels:
Grade 7, Grade 8
Course Types:
Day Visit, Full Day

This program explores a number of factors that make up our water systems. Throughout the program, students will understand that water is crucial to life on earth and that water is a valuable resource that needs to be managed sustainably.

Curriculum connections: Science and Technology;
Matter and Energy – Grade 8: Fluids
Earth and Space – Grade 8: Water Systems

Students will assess the impact of human activities and technologies on the sustainability of water at home and in the community. They will do an activity to learn about the embedded water use in our everyday items. Students will obtain an understanding of water conservation measures that are used at Kortright as they pertain to groundwater, surface water and watersheds in general. They will discuss the water conservation systems that are part of the Archetype Sustainable houses, and the students will visit a natural wetland where they will dip for invertebrates, of which many are indicator species as to the health of a wetland. Full Day Option: Students will visit a wetland and do water testing experiments at the Humber River to assess the quality of the water.

Programs always have an outdoor component. Groups should dress for the conditions on the day of their visit. Before your visit, please discuss the importance of dressing appropriately for outdoor activities. On days of inclement weather the program will be modified to include some indoor activities along with the outdoor components.

Full Day, April to October