Microplastics and Our Water

Facility: Watershed On Wheels
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Program Levels:
Grade 5, Grade 8, Grades 9-12
Course Types:
Afternoon, Morning, Outreach

Microplastics are destroying our marine ecosystems, and we’re the ones putting them there. In this hands-on session, students will learn about microplastic: what they are, why they pose a problem, and what can be done to raise awareness of the issue.

Participants will sort through terrestrial and aquatic samples for various types of plastic debris, and examine the results with microscopes (provided). Data collected from this activity will be used to contextualize our dependence on plastic, the impact on the environment, and strategies for being part of the solution.

Note: This program is currently offered only to schools within the Region of Peel.

Access to a sink is needed. It can also be helpful for students to have name tags.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Biology: Sustainable Ecosystems
  • Environmental Science: Human Health and the Environment; Human Impact on the Environment


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