Rain to Runoff: A Stormwater Story

image of stormwater and debris rushing into sewer grate illustrates the focus of the rain to runoff program


Where does the rain go?

When it rains, approximately half of the water soaks into the ground — except in urban areas, where there are more hard, paved surfaces and less natural ground to absorb it.

In these areas, the water becomes stormwater runoff, and collects in our storm sewers and waterways.

As stormwater runoff makes its journey, it picks up litter, road salt, car fluids, and other pollutants. During intense rain events, it can also cause flooding and erosion in both natural and human-built environments.

Rain to Runoff: A Stormwater Story is a brand new program offering from Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), available both to schools and community groups. It is designed to help your class or group learn about the impacts of stormwater in a changing climate, and discover how to take action to protect drinking water, wildlife habitat, and more.


Participate in an interactive Rain to Runoff presentation followed by your choice of action project. Project options include:

  • Microplastics investigation (available year-round)
  • Stream study (available spring and fall)
  • Litter clean-up (available spring and fall)

School Bookings

Rain to Runoff is suitable for grades 2 through 12. VIEW CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS.

A teacher will visit your school, facilitating one morning program and one afternoon program. Each Rain to Runoff program is approximately two hours in length.

Teachers in Peel Region GO TO BOOKING PAGE
Teachers in York Region Contact Alex Payne: alex.payne@trca.ca
Teachers in City of Toronto Contact Emily Rondel: emily.rondel@trca.ca

Community Group Bookings

Community Groups in Peel Region GO TO BOOKING FORM
Community Groups in City of Toronto Contact Emily Rondel: emily.rondel@trca.ca



TRCA’s environmental educators will train you and provide all the resources you need to lead your own group or class in learning about the impacts of stormwater in a changing climate.

The training will enable you to use your own neighborhood for context, and teach you how to empower your learners to take action and protect their drinking water, local wildlife habitat, and more.

You will be provided with a Rain to Runoff presentation and activities that you can deliver independently to your community. The activities are appropriate for students, scouts, guides, and adults!

For more information, or to book facilitator training, please contact Emily Rondel: emily.rondel@trca.ca.