Milkweeds and Monarchs

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Virtual if out of region/requested
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Program Levels:
Grade 4
Course Types:
Afternoon, Morning, Outreach, Virtual

Milkweeds and Monarchs program registration for fall 2023 is now open! Please contact to register or learn more.

This engaging program is all about Monarch butterflies, the native milkweed plant they depend on to survive, and how humans can be helpful or harmful!

monarch butterfly caterpillar on leaf of milkweed plant
monarch butterfly on milkweed plant

Each Grade 4 class will have opportunity to choose either a virtual or in-person program, based on availability. Students will learn about Monarchs, their habitats, and what we can do to protect (and grow!) these habitats in our communities.

TRCA virtual programs are approximately one hour in length. In-person visits are approximately two hours in length.

These programs are funded through the support of the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.