Albion Hills Field Centre
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Lake St. George Field Centre
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Program Levels:
Grades 9-12
Course Types:
Full Day, Overnight

Curriculum Connections: Grade 9, 11, 12 (see below for detailed connections)

Combine geography and environmental science in this active, engaging, full-day program! Students will learn about the history of and uses for GPS technology before heading out with GPS units to go geocaching. Once the students have mastered GPS technology, they will use their devices to travel to a variety of locations on the Claremont property. At each location, they will conduct an Environmental Impact Survey by using scientific equipment to record data (e.g. thermometer, pH meter, anemometer etc.) and assess the site. Students critically examine their collected data along with powers of observation to hypothesize the impact of human activity, compare the different sites, and determine whether or not Claremont is sustainable.


Curriculum Connections: 

Science and Technology:

Grade 9 – Scientific Investigation Skills/Career Exploration, Sustainable Ecosystems,

Grade 11 – Scientific Investigation Skills/Career Exploration, Diversity of Living Things, Plants: Anatomy, Growth, Function, Environmental Science,

Grade 12 – Scientific Investigation/Career Exploration, Population Dynamics

Canadian and World Studies:

Grade 9 – Geographic Inquiry and Skill Development, Interactions in the Physical Environment,

Grade 11 – Geographic Inquiry and Skill Development, Sustainability and Stewardship, Interactions and Interdependence, Spatial Geography: Concepts and Processes, Using Spatial Technologies to Support Sustainability and Stewardship,

Grade 12 – Geographic Inquiry and Skill Development, Sustainability and Stewardship, Spatial Organization, Community Action, Species and Spaces, Ecosystems and Human Activity