Frog Watch

Claremont Nature Centre
Lake St. George Field Centre
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Program Levels:
Grade 4, Grade 6, Grade 7
Course Types:
evening program, Overnight

Curriculum Connections: 

Science & Technology: Grade 4 – Habitats and Communities,

Grade 6 – Biodiversity,

Grade 7 – Interactions in the Environment

More than just watching frogs, the evening begins with story-telling as a means of introducing learners to the role that amphibians play as indicators of environmental health. After learning to identify the calls of common Ontario frog species, participants will hike to a wetland and monitor frog populations by collecting data on calls heard there. By submitting this information to the FrogWatch Ontario website, participants will also contribute to data on global climate changes. An emphasis is placed on the importance of wetlands, including biodiversity and protection.