A Road Map to the Future of Electric Vehicles in Ontario

Start your engines: the drive to convert Ontarians to electric vehicles is now well underway.

The transportation sector is Ontario’s biggest single source of greenhouse gas, representing 34% of all emissions. To meet its GHG reduction targets, the Province needs to jump-start the transition to electrified transportation. The Ontario government’s $20-million investment in public charging infrastructure, under the Electric Vehicle Chargers Ontario (EVCO) grant program, coupled with its Electric Vehicle Incentive Program, will be key to this strategy.

On May 20, Partners in Project Green and Plug’n Drive hosted “Life After EVCO,” an industry roundtable on the future of Ontario’s electric vehicle landscape. The event brought together stakeholders from across the transportation spectrum: government officials, auto makers, charging station manufacturers, academics, NGOs, EV drivers and more.

Partners in Project Green electric vehicles roundtable
Josipa Petrunic, Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium, addresses the “Life After EVCO” roundtable.