Now at the LCBO: Apricot Ale from Black Creek Historic Brewery

Apricote Ale bottle and glassThere’s nothing like summer in the city! Especially when our pioneer brewery has a new beer on the LCBO’s shelves.

Everyone enjoyed the Apricot Ale from Black Creek Historic Brewery so much, we’ve made a commercial version! Now you can enjoy it all summer long. The Apricot Ale is 5% ABV and a deep, burnished orange hue. Apricots and fruity aromas come through very nicely on the nose: a sweetness with just a touch of peach/nectarine-like musk. Apricots carry the flavour as well, mellowing from an initial sweetness as it moves over the palate. It’s a balanced body: not too heavy for summer, but a confident presence. Hops come through on the finish, with a dryness that demands another sip.

As always, it’s wise to check availability with your local LCBO before venturing into the summer heat!  We hope you enjoy, and we look forward to seeing you at Black Creek Pioneer Village this summer! (Don’t forget, it’s Kids In Free all summer weekdays, save for special events!)

Originally posted at The Black Creek Growler.