Sebastien Scholarship

The Sebastien Scholarship provides fully paid tuition to a summer High School Credit in Archaeology for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students.

Award Details

The scholarship covers the full tuition of the Boyd Archaeological Field School (Total value: $2,830.00).

Available to any Canadian high school student of First Nations, Métis or Inuit heritage.

Students should have completed Grade 10, and be no older than 21 years at the time of the course.

How to Apply

Students will be asked to complete the application form below and provide a 500-word essay (written or recorded orally) outlining:

  • How they feel archaeology can help them explore their heritage and enrich the traditional histories of their people.
  • How they might share the knowledge they gain with their community and the broader population of Canada.
  • What are their own aspirations for future studies and careers.

In addition, students should provide two letters of reference from a community leader (such as an elder or council member), teacher, principal or guidance counsellor. As students will be living on site in accommodation with 20 other students, archaeologists and teaching staff, please ask your reference to address your ability to get along with others. View the reference letter guidelines.

Please highlight any experience with traditional culture and activities, as well as volunteer and extracurricular activities. While marks are a consideration, the awards will not necessarily go to the student with the highest marks. Rather, we are looking for well-rounded learners who are active in their communities and demonstrate interest in history and culture.

Submissions will be reviewed by a volunteer selection committee of TRCA educators and archaeologists. The committee may contact the students’ references as part of the selection process. The committee may arrange interviews with finalists if necessary.

Please ensure that you have self-identified as First Nations, Métis, or Inuit with your school board.

Applications are due no later than June 30, 2023.


Please email or call Claremont Nature Centre at (647) 281-6079.

Application Form

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Your References

Please download the reference letter guidelines and give a copy to each of your referees. DOWNLOAD NOW.

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Your Essay

Please submit your 500-word essay below. Remember to base it on the following criteria:
  • How do you feel archaeology can help you explore your heritage and enrich the traditional histories of your people?
  • How might you share the knowledge you gain with your community and the broader population of Canada?
  • What are your own aspirations for your future studies and career?
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