Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

Facility: Kortright Centre for Conservation
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Program Levels:
Grade 1
Course Types:
Afternoon, Day Visit, Morning

Investigate the basic needs, (food, air, water, shelter, and space) and characteristics of living things by visiting a number of habitats on the Kortright property.

Curriculum connections: Science and Technology; Life Systems – Grade 1: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

An investigation of the characteristics and basic needs of all living things, including humans, will be done with the help of props and activities. Students will learn to identify basic groupings of animals and plants using features they can distinguish through sight, sound and touch. Learn how living things are different from non-living things. Outside, look for sources of food, water, and shelter for animals that live in the various habitats. Observe and identify living things encountered along the way.

Programs always have an outdoor component. Groups should dress for the conditions on the day of their visit. Before your visit, please discuss the importance of dressing appropriately for outdoor activities. On days of inclement weather the program will be modified to include some indoor activities along with the outdoor components.

Half Day, April – November