TRCA Partners with CreateTO to Explore Community-Building Potential of Black Creek Pioneer Village Parking Facility

September 27, 2023, Toronto, ON — Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has enlisted the expertise of CreateTO to conduct a comprehensive feasibility analysis for the Black Creek Pioneer Village (BCPV) parking facility, situated at the north-west corner of Shoreham Drive and Murray Ross Parkway.

Black Creek Pioneer Village parking lot

This process is part of an ongoing strategy of working to look for opportunities to revitalize Black Creek Pioneer Village taking into account the shared goals of municipal, provincial, and federal partners and neighbours, including York University and other community stakeholders.

The site holds significant importance to TRCA. Black Creek Pioneer Village is a longstanding tourist attraction that showcases artifacts, interactive offerings, and events to encourage visitors to explore the past while reflecting on the present.

Across the street from the site is 5 Shoreham Drive, the location of TRCA’s new administrative office building opening in 2024, a project that will set a benchmark for sustainable design in commercial building.

exterior rendering of the new TRCA head office
Exterior rendering of the new TRCA head office.

Through leveraging the expertise of CreateTO, this project will look at options to potentially transform a relatively underutilized Black Creek Pioneer Village parking facility into a more livable, sustainable, and inclusive space that is integrated into the fabric of the museum and heritage village and nearby community.

Additionally, this project will complement the new TRCA Administrative Head Office, enhance the natural heritage system, and advance community development goals for the adjacent Neighbourhood Improvement Areas.

CreateTO, in close consultation with TRCA, will collaborate with a lead architect and a diverse team of consultants to generate a range of draft development options for the parking facility.

This comprehensive process will encompass reconnaissance and feasibility analyses, as well as consultations with City of Toronto staff and stakeholders.

Once draft development options are completed and analysed, TRCA will review options and seek approval from the TRCA Board of Directors for approval of the concept and funding for any approved next steps.

The planning process will also include an extensive community engagement and consultation component, as well as Community Council and City Council approvals.

TRCA looks forward to collaborating with CreateTO and City staff to develop an innovative, community-focused real estate concept for this currently underutilized site.

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