TRCA’s Annual Professional Development Day

PD Day 2018 Event Updates

Date: September 13, 2018

Where: Black Creek Pioneer Village

We are now accepting proposals for sessions, speakers and workshops for PD Day 2018! Complete your application here. 

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About TRCA’s Annual Professional Development Day

The largest event in Ontario for experiential educators and environmental professionals to meet, grow and reconnect with our professional purpose.

Once a year in September, as school classrooms are settling in for a new year, TRCA invites experiential educators and environmental professionals from Toronto and the GTA to join in on a day of learning, reflection and growth. Together, they hone their skills, expand their horizons, share their experiences and reconnect with why they entered into their industry in the first place – to protect, connect with and nourish our environment and through education, empower residents from our shared communities to do the same.

Wondering if this event is for you?
Review the keynote speakers, sessions and schedule of events from 2017!:

2017 Theme: Our Changing Communities

When: September 14, 2017

Where: Black Creek Pioneer Village

Sessions: Review last year’s options

PD Day 2017 Keynote Speakers:

It is with great excitement and honour that the PD Day 2017 Committee announces our dynamic keynote speakers Professors Pascal Murphy and Sarah Jean Harrison, Ryerson University, Co-founders of Peace Flag House.
Join us to kick off the day with positivity and inspiration as Pascal and Sarah Jean share their keynote address Adventures in Creating Positive Social Change.

More on Pascal Murphy and Sarah Jean Harrison:

Sarah Jean Harrison,  
Sarah Jean Harrison is a social justice activist, educator, publicist and digital storyteller that believes in the power of a good story to change the world. She holds a BAH in Women’s Studies and a Masters in Environmental Studies. Sarah Jean has been an educator in the fields of social and environmental justice for over 12 years and is currently an Instructor at Ryerson University where she teaches on homelessness and poverty. Her educational approach draws upon the work of Paulo Freire and Popular Education, focusing on the notion of praxis – combining theory with practical action. Sarah Jean applies her educational approach to developing strategic communications for ethical and sustainable non-profits, businesses and lifestyle brands at Peace Flag House, a community-orientated creative agency she co-founded in Toronto, Ontario that focuses on cultivating positive social and environmental change. 

Pascal Murphy,  
Pascal is an award winning Instructor at Ryerson University who teaches in the areas of Homelessness, Disasters and Social and Environmental Justice. He was critical in the creation of the Social Justice and Peace Studies program at King’s University College at The University of Western Ontario and completed his degree in this program in 2004, followed by a Masters in Environmental Studies at York University in 2009. Today, Pascal is Board President for St. Clare’s Multifaith Housing Society, one of Toronto’s largest non-governmental/non-profit affordable and supportive housing providers. Pascal is a passionate advocate for social justice, a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ2S+ community and co-founder of Peace Flag House, a community-orientated creative agency in Toronto, Ontario focused on cultivating positive social and environmental change. 

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