Retreats at Claremont

Women’s Wellness Retreat
May 24-26, 2024

Claremont Nature Centre
4290 Westney Road North, Pickering, ON L0C 1A0

Gather your circle and escape to Claremont Nature Centre for a weekend connecting with and benefitting from the serenity of nature, and an opportunity to focus on YOU!

a group of women enjoy a wellness retreat at Claremont Nature Centre

With a thoughtfully curated experience aimed at cultivating knowledge, skills, reflection, and relaxation, all while immersed in a biodiverse and rich conservation area, your Friday evening to Sunday afternoon getaway will include:

  • FOUR nutritious and satiating plant-based meals and THREE indulgent plant-based snacks; tea and coffee
  • Accommodations in our mid-century pan abode cedar lodge

exterior of Claremont Nature Centre

  • TWO skills-building workshops led by female-identifying experts. Examples:
    1. True Global Positioning System (GPS) use and geocaching
    2. Tea and herbalism for wellness and relaxation (knowledge and creation)
    3. Birding: from enjoyment to ID

  • THREE wellness-focused group sessions led by a female-identifying coach. Examples:
    1. Sunrise and sunset meditation
    2. Yoga Nidra
    3. Forest Therapy

womens yoga retreat

  • Added value experiences led by our committed and passionate female-identifying team. Examples:
    1. Guided property tour with tree, plant, and animal ID opportunities
    2. How-to’s for building and maintaining a fire (both indoor and outdoor, weather permitting)
    3. Intention setting and gratitude reflection

  • Invaluable inclusions:
    1. Time in nature
    2. A guilt-free, low impact, sustainable, and environmentally conscious getaway
    3. Time with like-minded, positive, uplifting people
    4. Confidence and skills-building focus


Options Available:

  • Single Room: You will be staying solo in a room and sharing communal washrooms.
  • Double Room: You can either keep this private room with an ensuite bathroom all to yourself, or have a friend join you and split the cost!