Rain Barrel Collection

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‘Ocean Life’ by Kaela Rossi
The Barrel – ‘Ocean Life’

Kaela’s design is inspired by animals and nature. She has a love of animals and feels that they are threatened by the loss of water especially sea animals. The turtle is the design focus showing the beauty of all animals. She notes the world is slowly running out of water affecting animals and humans.  The design gives the message that we need to save our water especially sea water where animals are being affected.

The Artist: Kaela Rossi

Kaela Rossi is a grade 10 student at St Michael Catholic Secondary School.  She enjoys art and sports, both with school and outside; cross country, curling, track and field and soccer. Her favorite medium of art is sculpture which she has had just a few experiences with so far.  She finds it a cool and enjoyable art medium.  Kaela’s favorite colours are pink and burgundy.

Rain Barrel Painted with Ocean Life Swimming Rain Barrel Painted with Ocean Life Swimming


‘Life Below’ by Dalmina LaCapruccia
The Barrel – ‘Life Below’

Dalmina’s design is inspired by her fascination with marine life and curiosity regarding the depths of the sea. As a kid she wanted to study marine biology and rescue animals from oil spills, nets or even garbage floating in the water. The design shows how a 5 year old version of Dalmina would have imagined the sea in all its beauty. The bright colours “shine light” on such a serious topic as water pollution.

The Artist: Dalmina LaCapruccia

Dalmina LaCapruccia is a grade 10 student at Robert F Hall Catholic Secondary School.  She has been drawing and sketching from a very young age. Her art style ranges from cartoon like images (as seen on the rain barrel) to those with a photorealistic quality.  Dalmina’s aspiration is to become an animator. In addition to her love of art, she thoroughly enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends.

  Rain Barrel Painted with underwater scene Rain Barrel Painted with underwater scene 


‘Water is Essential’ by Jasleen Walia
The Barrel – ‘Water is Essential’

Jasleen’s design is inspired by the need for water conservation to protect nature specifically ducks and their babies. She believes that humans take water for granted and waste or misuse it to the point where animals and other nature are at risk and in danger.  The family of ducks in the pond in her design would find it hard to survive without clean water.  Jasleen emphasizes that water is essential for any living creature so we all need to change the way we treat our water.

The Artist: Jasleen Walia

Jasleen Walia is a grade 11 student at Mayfield Secondary School.  She loves painting, drawing, sculpting, and photography.  Her style of art varies ranging from “realism” and “impressionism”.  She enjoys doing art outdoors and being out in nature.  She also loves spending time with her family.  She enjoys creating new unique ideas and exploring the sciences to better understand the world.  Her passion for art helps her express herself demonstrating her open and friendly personality.

 Painted Rain Barrel of a duck in water Painted Rain Barrel of a duck in water


‘Pressure on our Water’ by Gabriella George
The Barrel – ‘Pressure on our Water’

Gabriella’s design is inspired by nature and the country- the design includes the cut out of a barrel with a fish in water.  When designing this barrel, she got to play with space and different concepts which allowed her to create a unique rain barrel.

The Artist: Gabriella George

Gabriella George is a student at Humberview Secondary School.  She has lived in Caledon her entire life. Gabriella has always enjoyed anything that she could use as a way to express her creativity.  While growing up in Caledon she tried every extracurricular imaginable from skating, to soccer, gymnastics and now dance and guitar. She enjoys a challenge – art is one of the latest and based on her finished barrel creation, it is another success!

Painted Rainbarrel Painted Rain barrel


‘4Cats Splat!’ by 4Cats Arts Studio, Caledon
The Barrel – ‘4Cats Splat!’

4Cats Splat! is inspired by Jackson Pollock. Pollock was an abstract expressionist painter from the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, who painted large canvases, which, one could compare to likeness of planting a large garden. Much like a garden his paintings were created with great passion, constantly changing, full of movement and with every viewing offer something new and exciting. Similar to what you would find in a blooming garden, bright colours such as fuchsia, purple, blue, yellow and orange all come together to create a 4Cats Rain Barrel for the 2013 Rain Barrel Art Collection.

The Artist: 4Cats Arts Studio, Caledon

Born and raised in Caledon, Cathy Mount has been passionate about art and inspiring creativity since she was very young and has recently turned this passion into 4Cats Arts Studio in Bolton! 4Cats is a professional studio for children ages 3 to 15. At 4Cats, kids learn about the weird and wonderful lives of famous artists and use professional quality art materials to create masterpieces inspired by each artist’s work. Highly-trained 4Cats curators share stories and encourage art conversation as children create amazing art projects through a variety of artist focus and mixed media classes as well as amazing workshops and birthday party programs. In collaboration with Cathy, a mixed media class full of budding creative minds helped to bring this design to life. Their spirits are what 4Cats Arts Studio in Caledon is all about. They are Jeremy Bassard, Gabriel and Isabella Di Fonzo, Tristan Ferlisi, William Keiller, Cassandra Pecora, Makenna Stack and Delaney Brogan.

Visit this Barrel at: at Canadian Tire (99 McEwan Dr., Bolton)

‘4Cats Splat!’ by 4Cats Arts Studio, Caledon


‘Conserve Water, Save Nature’ by Liam Mitchell
The Barrel – ‘Conserve Water, Save Nature’

Liam’s design is about conserving water and saving nature. By using rain barrels to collect water we can help save nature by using the fresh rain water to water our plants and fill our bird baths. We can use it to grow our own healthy food and to protect the environment. By diverting water through a rain barrel we can prevent it from washing chemicals and pollution into the sewers and into the streams.

The Artist: Liam Mitchell

Liam Mitchell is 9 years old and likes saving animals and nature. He is involved in Cubs where he does a lot of activities like artwork, learning about nature and camping. He enjoys playing soccer and ball hockey, playing with his friends outside and visiting places to learn about new animals. Liam draws for fun with a preference to draw animals and likes building with wood, Lego and cardboard.

Visit this Barrel at: Alton Library (35 Station Rd., Alton)

‘Conserve Water, Save Nature’ by Liam Mitchell


‘Rosehill’ by Fran Livingston
The Barrel – ‘Rosehill’

Since 1981, Fran and family have lived in a magical spot called Rosehill. Their old house has presided over the landscape and rolling hills of Caledon since 1854. The incredible view encompasses Inglewood, Belfountain, the ‘Mountain’, over to points North and East-valleys and hills!
In her garden the flowers are both natural and chosen. Incredible birds that visit, wildlife, and insects, all bring joy each and every day providing pictures and lasting memories. “Life at Rosehill is truly rich and nourishing!”
The Rosehill barrel includes flowers found in the garden and field, bees, butterflies, insects, resident barn swallows swooping over the garden and frogs and fauna of the garden floor ~ all that are part of the magical scene at Rosehill!

The Artist: Fran Livingston

Fran Livingston is a long time resident of Caledon, and former co-owner and operator of Outback & Co., a fashion retail staple in Caledon Village for 26 years. Fran’s checkered creative past includes formal education at the Ontario Academy of Art and Design in Industrial Design and a Fine Arts degree from York. She has taught at OCAD’s Fashion Design Institute and at COSTI. For many years she has dedicated time and enjoyment as a volunteer and board member at the Peel Art Gallery, Museum & Archives, and at a recent post with Caledon Community Services. Now retired, her passions to be pursued include gardening and ecoscaping, bird watching, drawing, sewing, cooking and family!

Visit this Barrel at: Glen Echo Nursery (15070 Airport Rd., Caledon East)

‘Rosehill’ by Fran Livingston‘Rosehill’ by Fran Livingston


‘The Flying Piglets of Verdigris’ by Christine Van Walraven
The Barrel: ‘The Flying Piglets of Verdigris’

“The Flying Piglets of Verdigris” is crafted to imitate natural copper and copper rust. Its warm tones are sure to look handsome next to any building, and the design adds a touch of whimsy to any garden.

The Artist: Christine Van Walraven

Christine Van Walraven is a local artist and librarian who paints for fun and occasionally profit. This is her second contribution to the Caledon Rain Barrel Art Collection. Her first barrel in 2011 was entitled Daruma, based on a doll painted in the likeness of Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, that is used for setting and achieving goals.
Christine has always been interested in the arts. She was a founding member of the Humberview Art Club when she attended school there, and continued on to study Fine Art and English at York University.

Visit this Barrel at: Albion Bolton Library (150 Queen St. S., Bolton)

‘The Flying Piglets of Verdigris’ by Christine Van Walraven


‘Gust of Wind’ by Jacqueline Devine
The Barrel – ‘Gust of Wind’

The Artist – Jacqueline Devine

Jacqueline Devine is a 51 year old born again, raising 3 boys. She enjoys gardening and this year is planning to keep bees. She hopes to become more involved in her my community through volunteering as she find this type of contribution very satisfying. This is Jacqueline’s 2 year involved in the Rain Barrel Art Collection. In 2011 her design was entitled ‘Suspended Water’. Jacqueline’s 2013 contribution is entitled ‘Gust of Wind’

Visit this Barrel at: Davis Feed & Farm Supply (15770 Mountainview Rd., Caledon East)

‘Gust of Wind’ by Jacqueline Devine


‘Protecting Coral Reefs’ by Tad Majewski on behalf of Caledon Arts
The Barrel – ‘Protecting Coral Reefs’

Protecting Coral Reefs: Coral reefs are some of the most biologically rich and economically valuable ecosystems on Earth. They provide food, jobs, income and protection to billions of people worldwide. However, coral reefs and the magnificent creatures that call them home are in danger of disappearing if actions are not taken to protect them. They are threatened by an increasing range of impacts including pollution, invasive species, diseases, bleaching and global climate change. The rapid decline and loss of these valuable, ancient, and complex ecosystems have significant social, economic and environmental impacts around the world.

The Artist: Tad Majewski on behalf of Caledon Arts

Caledon Arts (formerly CACY) is an arts education organization dedicated to artistic growth and learning in Caledon. Offered year-round, classes are instructed by professional local artists in a variety of mediums such as painting, drawing, clay and mosaics. Performing arts include drama and early childhood music. Children, teens and adults can explore their own unique creativity at the Caledon Arts classrooms in Caledon East, and at artists’ studios in Mono Mills, Caledon Village and Palgrave.

Tad Majewski has created the Coral Reef Barrel on behalf of Caledon Arts. Tad is an instructor with the organization, a visual artist and art educator, an internationally recognized online marketing advisor, video communication promoter, large format graphics specialist, freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Based in Caledon East, Ontario, he is known to provide excellent client service. Born in Poland, he graduated from Nicolaus Copernicus University with a master’s degree in fine art in the field of graphic art and art education. After graduating, he taught at his University for 3 years until he moved to Canada. Here, he has established himself as a well-known illustrator represented by 3 in a Box, a leading North American agency. Over the past 20 years, Majewski has established strong relationships with clients in marketing, advertising, design, editorial, corporate and book publishing markets in North America and around the world.

Visit this Barrel at: Foodland (15771 Airport Rd., Caledon East)

‘Protecting Coral Reefs’ by Tad Majewski on behalf of Caledon Arts‘Protecting Coral Reefs’ by Tad Majewski on behalf of Caledon Arts‘Protecting Coral Reefs’ by Tad Majewski on behalf of Caledon Arts


‘Fire Water’ by James Pallister
The Barrel – ‘Fire Water’

I was thinking of balance as I came up with this idea. What would be that balance to water? Visually it came to me: fire vs. water. Also, I love campfires (any fire really, especially in a barbeque!) and the composition comes from pictures I took of a campfire at the cottage this past summer. I like the stark black background versus the bright flames of the fire.

The Artist: James Pallister

Born and raised in Waterford ON, James landed in his wife’s hometown of Caledon 13 years ago after they met at the University of Guelph. Now they reside in Caledon East with their two daughters and Bernese Mountain Dog, Arwen. James is a realtor focusing on residential properties in Caledon and surrounding area and also enjoys a number of hobbies including geocaching, gardening, collecting toys, building sand sculptures, cooking, wine, painting and music. He has had a rain barrel since he moved into his house, and with the timely rain last summer was able to use it exclusively for all garden and hanging basket watering.

Visit this Barrel at: Trailside Bistro & Cafe (15935 Airport Rd., Caledon East)

‘Fire Water’ by James Pallister


‘Petals to Water Drops’ by Claire Atkinson and Bhajan Gill
The Barrel – ‘Petals to Water Drops’

Our water barrel design is meant to display the fact that water is involved in every factor of nature. Our water barrel is called “Petals to Water Drops”. Our design of our water barrel basically displays the petals that were blown off in the wind, turning into water drops. In our design, we were trying to portray that all living aspects of life, rely on water for survival, and without this essential element, they cannot survive.

The Artist: Claire Atkinson and Bhajan Gill

Bhajan and Claire are two creative individuals, and they are currently in the Mayfield RAP program for visual arts. They have both teamed up together to produce this rain barrel. They are two fifteen-year-old girls who are always interested in contributing to the art community and are genuinely concerned about water conservation and helping improve the environment.

Visit this Barrel at: Chic a Boom (18371 Hurontario St., Caledon Village)

‘Petals to Water Drops’ by Claire Atkinson and Bhajan Gill‘Petals to Water Drops’ by Claire Atkinson and Bhajan Gill


‘Our Garden’ by Hannah Drennan and Shelby Bailey
The Barrel – ‘Our Garden’

This design is centered on a large flower surrounded by long blades of grass in various shades. The centre of the flower is light yellow with a darker orange ring surrounding it. The petals are long, dark at the base and gradually fade to a lighter pink near the tips. Because the flower is so beautiful there are several bees flying above it in the light blue sky. The flower is large and will take up a lot of space covering a large area, although we still have room due to the fact that this is only half the barrel. The other half will continue with the same theme; tall blades of grass wrapping all the way around the barrel and a trail of bees waiting to get pollen and nectar from the flower.

The Artist: Hannah Drennan and Shelby Bailey

Hannah and Shelby are best friends that both attend Mayfield Secondary School and we are both in the Regional Arts Program for Visual Arts. They love sports and of course art.

Visit this Barrel at: Caledon Town Hall, Atrium (6311 Old Church Rd., Caledon East)

‘Our Garden’ by Hannah Drennan and Shelby Bailey‘Our Garden’ by Hannah Drennan and Shelby Bailey


‘Lost at Sea’ by Karina Dywanski
The Barrel – ‘Lost at Sea’

‘Lost at Sea’ was inspired by the basic shape of waves and the nautical experience. The bright blues in the waves emphasize the sky, the octopus and the boat. It was also inspired by the fantasy world of fairy-tales and the glorious creatures and adventures that come with those tales.

The Artist: Karina Dywanski

Karina Dywanski is a grade 10 student in the Visual Arts Program at Humberview Secondary School. Karina is influenced by many digital and traditional artists ranging from the fields of photography to painting. Some influences include Sawyer Hartman (a short-film maker) and Stanley Lau (a digital artist). She has taken art classes at both the Alton Mills and Caledon Art Galleries.

Visit this Barrel at: Home Depot (12760 Highway 50, Bolton)

‘Lost at Sea’ by Karina Dywanski ‘Lost at Sea’ by Karina Dywanski


The Growth of Ideas’ by Maria Koceva
The Barrel – ‘The Growth of Ideas’

‘The Growth of Ideas’ design consists of a tulip growing from a buried light bulb. The design represents the idea that everything that people have created for themselves has started as a small dormant idea which grew. Tulips are flowers which people have manipulated for centuries, and they grow from bulbs. Such a bulb has been replaced with a light bulb, which is a well-known invention and a symbol for getting an idea. The light bulb, like an idea, is buried below the surface but what comes from it manifests itself in the real world.

The Artist: Maria Koceva

Maria is a grade 11 student at Mayfield Secondary School who is a part of the Regional Arts Program. She likes painting on larger surfaces and thinks that making art on the three-dimensional, cylindrical shape of a rain barrel would be an interesting and valuable experience. Through this program, she would like to leave behind a little bit of myself in the community where I am learning and living.

Visit this Barrel at: Inglewood Library (15825 McLaughlin Rd. Inglewood)

The Growth of Ideas’ by Maria Koceva


‘Rainforest’ by Monika Dinwoody
The Barrel – ‘Rainforest’

‘Rainforest’ depicts life in the rainforest and incorporates green for trees, and the blue of the sky. Like a rainforest, this barrel will collect a lot of rain. The elephant’s trunk is painted around the water spout to spray water as an elephant’s trunk would.

The Artist – Monika Dinwoody

Monika is a 14 year old student at Mayfield Secondary School. Under the mentorship of her artist mother, she started drawing at a very young age. Monika enjoys painting with acrylic and watercolours and drawing with pencil crayons.

Visit this Barrel at: Bolton Zehrs (487 Queen St. S., Bolton)

‘Rainforest’ by Monika Dinwoody‘Rainforest’ by Monika Dinwoody‘Rainforest’ by Monika Dinwoody


‘Little Dinosaur’ by Nicole D’Souza & Veronika Garbowska
The Barrel – ‘Little Dinosaur’

This design depicts a little dinosaur on the forest floor. He’s hiding under a mushroom so that he doesn’t get rain drops on him while he studies a drop of rain that he loves on the flower next to him. The design shows how life around us thrives thanks to rain, like the mushrooms and flowers. The dinosaur is the little mascot of our barrel. He provides a good look at how things are on the forest floor from his perspective and how every little thing relies on water. This design is playful and cute and will add a pop of colour so that when it does rain, it stands out and shows how things will brighten up afterwards.

The Artist: Nicole D’Souza & Veronika Garbowska

Since they first met in grade 1, exchanged fossils and stones and promised to be best friends for ever, Nicole and Veronika have been inseparable! Nicole loves music and it sparks her creativity and helps her with tasks and struggles. Drawing, reading and movies are some of her past times, as well as playing video games and reading. Veronika likes to read, paint – both using digital media and oil paint – play video games like Assassins Creed and Animal Crossing, write short stories with her friends and be outdoors. Nothing beats being outside under the warm, summer air and feeling a cool breeze as you venture out. Nicole and Veronika both love art and music very much and feel they would be missing out if they didn’t have them both in our lives. They feel that the world would be a very dull and bland place if there wasn’t art to liven the place up and bring joy into people’s hearts.

Visit this Barrel at: Albion Bolton Library (150 Queen St. S., Bolton)

‘Little Dinosaur’ by Nicole D'Souza & Veronika Garbowska ‘Little Dinosaur’ by Nicole D'Souza & Veronika Garbowska


‘After the Rain’ by Nicole Ciccone
The Barrel – ‘After the Rain’

Though the rain falls and the skies get darker, it is the start of a beautiful creation filled with hope and dreams for tomorrow. And when the clouds clear and the sun shines once again for us, the brilliance is visible through the collision of colour in the sky. The rainbow that stretches through our minds and fills our spirits with warmth can only come after the rain.

The Artist: Nicole Ciccone

Nicole Ciccone lives in Bolton and attends Robert F. Hall Catholic Secondary School. She is a vegetarian and loves taking part in projects that provide a positive impact on the community. She loves singing and expressing her emotions through drawing and creative writing. Nicole’s future ambitions include travelling the world and may like to consider a career in the creative fields of tattoo or cosmetic artistry, as well as vocal music or teaching.

Visit this Barrel at: Caledon East Library (6500 Old Church Rd., Caledon East)

‘After the Rain’ by Nicole Ciccone


‘Wildlife’ by Nicole Rak
The Barrel – ‘Wildlife’

This design is based off of all of the wildlife that can be seen around Caledon: deer, hummingbirds and red tail hawks. The natural scene suits the theme of water conservation and is also appealing for any garden setting.

The Artist: Nicole Rak

Nicole Rak is a grade 12 student at Robert F. Hall. She plans to go to university to study architecture, where she will be able to learn about the newest developments in green architecture and hopefully design eco-friendly buildings. While living in Caledon, Nicole has learned a lot about nature and the environment. She has participated in the Conservation Youth Core Program with Credit Valley Conservation which has allowed her to take part in environmental activities such as tree planting and invasive species removal. Nicole also enjoys reading and art of all forms. She spends a lot of time painting and sketching.

Visit this Barrel at: Caledon East Library (6500 Old Church Rd., Caledon East)

‘Wildlife’ by Nicole Rak‘Wildlife’ by Nicole Rak‘Wildlife’ by Nicole Rak


‘La Belle Rose’ by Nicole Oziel
The Design – ‘La Belle Rose’

‘La Belle Rose’ is meant to capture the beauty of the colours in nature. When Nicole thinks of nature she mostly thinks of flowers so a rose was chosen as a focal point of this design. The rose is surrounded by all of the colours of the rainbow with a dark background, creating a high contrast and allowing the design to pop. The design shows anyone who admires the barrel, how beautiful nature is, and with the addition of the water captured by the barrel how nature will flourish.

The Artist: Nicole Oziel

Nicole is a grade 9, Visual Arts student at Mayfield Secondary School. Art is a big part of her life, and it is Nicole’s ambition to become an interior designer. She started drawing basically as soon as she could hold a pencil and still loves to draw to this date. She also loves nature and taking photos of the sky and trees.

Visit this Barrel at: Bolton Zehrs (487 Queen St. S., Bolton)

‘La Belle Rose’ by Nicole Oziel


‘Beauty in Nature’ by Sally Khater
The Design – ‘Beauty in Nature’

This design depicts the beauty, simplicity and roughness of nature in a colourful and bright way. The scenery of a forest skyline being reflected onto water is a common and well-loved sight for many people. The design will fit into any garden scenery as it has natural colours and textures created by scumbling the paint. This barrel will look wonderful in all seasons.

The Artist: Sally Khater

Sally Khater, is a 17 year old student at Mayfield Secondary School studying in the Regional Arts Program for Visual Arts. She enjoys learning about different ways to preserve the environment in safe and effective ways. The rain barrel project is a wonderful opportunity to help make the sustaining of fresh, clean water a little more fun.

Visit this Barrel at: Margaret Dunn Library (20 Snelcrest Dr., Valleywood)

‘Beauty in Nature’ by Sally Khater


‘Underwater Universe’ by Tashiana Tringale, Emily Rose and Amber Timm
The Design – ‘Underwater Universe’

This design depicts a scene similar to that of the Great Barrier Reef; an underwater Ocean ‘city’, in a sense. The goal with this design is to show that we, as humans, are not the only ones here- we share the Earth with so many species that it is barely imaginable. One of the things that we have in common with each of these billions of creatures is that we all need water to survive, and with only one Earth comes only one water supply. Through this design the artists hope to remind people of the extraordinary life that lives right beneath the surface, so close to us and yet in a seemingly different world. Their hope is to first capture interest with the design, and then inspire thought with the content- reminding people of the impact our water consumption really does have on the rest of the world.

The Artist: Tashiana Tringale, Emily Rose and Amber Timm

Amber, Emily and Tasha are grade 11 students in Mayfield’s Regional Arts Program and have been doing art since they can remember. Between the RAP program and their own personal experience, they’ve experimented with many different materials and types of art like sculpture or digital media and photography. Despite this, they have always come back to the drawing and painting they love, and are excited to put it to such good use with the rain barrel project.

Visit this Barrel at: Belfountain Library (17247 Shaw’s Creek Rd., Belfountain)

‘Underwater Universe’ by Tashiana Tringale, Emily Rose and Amber Timm‘Underwater Universe’ by Tashiana Tringale, Emily Rose and Amber Timm


‘Chirp About Water Conservation’ by Elizabeth Loserro
The Barrel – ‘Chirp About Water Conservation’

The design “Chirp about Water Conservation” has a sweet and young feeling about it which is great for any garden setting. It illustrates many of the beautiful things humans find in nature which can brighten any area no matter how big or small. The singing chickadee brings feelings of joy and the stream in the background is a small part in a big and important project- water conservation. The image on the rain barrel is an expression of what is pure in nature and how important it is to conserve it, beginning with water.

The Artist: Elizabeth Loserro

As a young artist, I am only just beginning to find my originality and style. With the knowledge and skills I am acquiring I am able to find my own form of expression through art. Of the several mediums I have used I must say my favourite is water colour because it can do so much with so little. I begin a piece most often only when I’ve had a whim of inspiration because I believe it is these whims that often make things original. When my work is going well I feel a sense of joy because I am able to express my ideas through art the way I hoped. In short I love art because it is a beautiful outlet to express oneself.

Visit this Barrel at: Home Depot (12760 Highway 50, Bolton)

‘Chirp About Water Conservation’ by Elizabeth Loserro‘Chirp About Water Conservation’ by Elizabeth Loserro


‘Bird of Paradise’ by Keshav Ramola & Aaron Brown
The Barrel – ‘Bird of Paradise’

This design depicts a bird of paradise flower in full bloom. The bold and bright colours are what make this design appealing and interesting for any garden setting.

The Artist: Keshav Ramola & Aaron Brown

Keshav Ramola and Aaron Brown are both grade 9 students and in their first year of the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School.

Visit this Barrel at: Caledon Town Hall, Atrium (6311 Old Church Rd., Caledon East)

‘Bird of Paradise’ by Keshav Ramola & Aaron Brown‘Bird of Paradise’ by Keshav Ramola & Aaron Brown



‘The Passion of Youth’ by Ashley Lu
The Barrel: ‘The Passion of Youth’

Ashley’s design is representative of a young swimmer in a moment of complete freedom and weightlessness. The fiery reflections above the swimmer are symbolic of the Pan Am Games torch and express the girl’s desire of one day competing in the games. The bold use of blues and oranges also capture the liveliness of a sunlit pool, harmonizing the design with the outdoor environment of a rain barrel.

The Artists: Ashley Lu

Ashley Lu is currently enrolled in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. She loves to experiment with different mediums, and strives to continue in the field of art beyond school.

Ashley Lu Barrel



‘Sun Sport’ by Rushali Shah & Ipsa Gusain
The Barrel: ‘Sun Sport’

Rushali and Ipsa chose to incorporate basketball, hockey, fencing, equestrian, gymnastics, archery, and swimming into their design to combine all of their favourite sports. They chose yellow and orange as the background colours to give the design a bold summer-time look.

The Artist: Rushali Shah & Ipsa Gusain

Rushali and Ipsa are grade 9 students from Mayfield Secondary School where they are part of the Regional Arts Program. Rushali and Ipsa have a lot of fun creating new art for others to enjoy.

Rushali Shah&Ipsa Gusain Barrel


‘The Art of Athletics’ by Jayda Brown
The Barrel: ‘The Art of Athletics’

Jayda believes that artists and athletes are very similar. Passion, focus and creativity are characteristics that enable people to persist and succeed in both. Jayda’s design represents using courage and determination to conquer one’s goals. Her unique design truly represents the upcoming Pan Am Games.

The Artist: Jayda Brown

Jayda is in grade 9 and attends the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. She participates in a variety of competitive sports such as soccer, cross country and track. She enjoys experimenting with different types of mediums in her art such as string gel, watercolours, acrylics and oil. Jayda is passionate about art and loves making her community a more artistic and unique place.

Jayda Brown Barrel


‘Countries Blooming Together’ by Katrina Meng & Rayven Rigato-Conde
The Barrel: ‘Countries Blooming Together’

Katrina and Rayven’s design is a mixture of the environment and the Pan Am Games. The 5 rings around the barrel symbolize the Olympic/Pan Am game rings and the 41 different flowers on their barrel represent the 41 countries participating in the 2015 Pan Am games. This rain barrel will collect water that can be used to water the flowers in your garden at home!

The Artist: Katrina Meng & Rayven Rigato-Conde

Katrina and Rayven became close friends in grade 9 where they are both in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. Katrina competes in plenty of math and bridge competitions, volunteers as an assistant swim instructor, and loves the outdoors and nature. Rayven has been vegan since she was born, and has run several 5k and 10k races. They both like to draw and to listen to music.

Katrina Meng&Rayven Rigato-Conde Barrel


‘Let the Games Begin’ by Raegan Wong
The Barrel: ‘Let the Games Begin’

Raegan’s design showcases a variety of sports in the Pan Am Games. The design symbolizes the celebration of the sporting spirit and how the Pan Am Games can bring a country together.

The Artists: Raegon Wong

Raegan is a cheerful Grade 9 student in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. She is passionate about helping to preserve the environment and believes that we all have a responsibility to save the environment.
In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and playing tennis and badminton. Raegan volunteers as an instructor at “Youth Arts against Violence” in Brampton.

Raegan Wong Barrel

‘Sports of the Pan Am Games’ by Manjot Salh & Amber Saini
The Barrel: ‘Sports of the Pan Am Games’

Manjot and Amber’s design is simple, natural and displays the variety of athletics in the Pan Am Games. They decided to display their favourite sports and some sports that they would love to try. One great quality of their barrel is that the natural scene of water and grass allows it to fit perfectly into a garden setting.

The Artists: Manjot Salh & Amber Saini

Manjot and Amber are both 15 years old and attend Mayfield Secondary School. Manjot is in the Regional Arts Program and Amber simply enjoys drawing and painting during her spare time. Manjot and Amber became inspired to participate in Paint a Picture for Water Conservation after seeing designs from previous years. They enjoyed the experience of creating a barrel design because it has enhanced their teamwork skills and let them learn about their artistic styles.

Manjot Salh Amber Saini Barrel


‘Pan Am Sports Spirit’ by Sharon Luo, Jessie Ye & Catherine Zheng
The Barrel: ‘Pan Am Sports Spirit’

Sharon, Jessie and Catherine’s design shows the power of sports and how they can unify all participating countries and territories. They took inspiration from the original Pam Am design to create a sense of connection between the barrel and the games.

The Artists: Sharon Luo, Jessie Ye & Catherine Zheng

Sharon, Jessie and Catherine are grade 9 students in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. Their group is a combination of three students who specialize in different types of art. Sharon is interested in painting and is able to express her ideas through a canvas. Jessie has a creative imagination and is inspired by everyday situations. Catherine has a passion for graphic design and uses technology to produce bold statement pieces. They are continuously striving to extend their knowledge and experience through participating in various projects such as designing this rain barrel.

Sharon Luo&Jessie Ye&Catherine Zheng Barrel


‘Da Games’ by Rachel Chan-Yaneff, Anna Ryan & Rebecca Smart
The Barrel: ‘Da Games’

Rachel, Anna and Rebecca included a horse, sailboat, and gymnast in their design because they are their favourite events. The background is also important because it shows the spectators who are an essential part of the Pan Am Games. The audience is very colourful to represent the diversity of the fans from the 41 countries participating in the Pan Am Games.

The Artists: Rachel Chan-Yaneff, Anna Ryan & Rebecca Smart

Rachel is an exceptional athlete. She plays tennis, cross-country skis, and rows. She also rides horses and loves her horse, Marcy, very dearly. Rebecca is a passionate anime fan, and enjoys playing video games like Mario Kart. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys longboarding, photography, singing and playing piano.
When she isn’t at the rink playing hockey, Anna likes to spend time with her family or go to her cottage. Anna hopes to travel to many different places in her life, Iceland being number one on the list.



‘Embracing Boundaries’ by Roshauna Sahadeo & Catherine Liu
The Barrel: ‘Embracing Boundaries’

Roshauna and Catherine’s design was inspired by their love of swimming and their passion for pushing their own limits. The barrel displays a swimmer diving into a stream of fresh blue water with a breathtaking background scene.

The Artists: Roshauna Sahadeo & Catherine Liu

Roshauna and Catherine are grade 10 students enrolled in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School where they both compete on the Mayfield Maverick’s swim team. They are creative, smart and dedicated students who are passionate about art! They are delighted to share their accomplishments and passion for art with the rest of the community.

Roshauna Sahadeo&Catherine Liu Barrel


‘Freedom & Triumph’ by Xin Yang Liu & Samantha Frost
The Barrel: ‘Freedom & Triumph’

Xin Yang and Samantha’s design depicts a horse and rider leaping over a barrier. This symbolizes the determination required to get over obstacles in one’s own life. The water trailing behind the rider creates a sense of unity between the rider and the water. This shows that water can be a source of security and we must do everything we can to conserve it.

The Artists: Xin Yang Liu & Samantha Frost

Xin Yang and Samantha are two grade 9 students attending the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. They enjoy using their artistic abilities to benefit the community as well as raise awareness for water conservation. They were inspired to showcase that the games can be more than just sports, but a symbol of aspiration and freedom. Both Xin Yang and Samantha love sharing their artwork with the world.

Xin Yang Liu&Samantha Frost Barrel


‘Water Sports’ by Region of Peel Environmental Education Team
The Barrel: ‘Water Sports’

The Environmental Education Team has a strong passion for environmental issues. Each member of the team appreciates nature in a variety of ways ranging from participating in outdoor activities to acting as a champion for water efficiency and waste reduction and diversion issues.

The Artists: Region of Peel Environmental Education Team


‘Under the Sea’ by Anna Ryan and Rachel Chan-Yaneff
The Barrel: ‘Under the Sea’

“Under the Sea” represents two aspects of the water cycle. The bottom-half shows sea life thriving in ocean habitat unaffected by pollution. The top-half depicts a storm where water is introduced into our lakes and oceans.  Human activity can increase pollution and alter our environment and wildlife because everything is connected. This design reminds us how vulnerable our environment and wildlife can be to human activity.

The Artists: Anna Ryan and Rachel Chan-Yaneff

Anna and Rachel are both grade 9 students in Mayfield Secondary School’s Regional Arts Program. Anna is an outgoing, art-lover who excels at sports. She has played on her school’s field hockey and ice hockey team and has recently returned from a tournament in Scotland as a member of the rugby team. Rachel is from Caledon, ON where she was valedictorian at Caledon Central Public School. Rachel loves arts and sports and is involved in tennis, rowing, Nordic skiing and riding horses. Anna and Rachel look forward to making a difference in their community by using their art.

Anna ryan


‘The Garden of Abstract’ by Chloe Robinson
The Barrel: ‘The Garden of Abstract’

The beauty of nature goes much deeper than most people realize. If one focuses on the earth’s textures they would see how abstract nature really is. Chloe’s design is inspired by the aspect of a garden. The swirls can be related to fluffy clouds on a summer day, droplets of rain on a leaf, ripples in a pond, or wild flowers in a field. Chloe’s design can mean something different to everyone who views it.

The Artist: Chloe Robinson

Chloe Robinson is an art student at Mayfield Secondary School. She enjoys running and going to concerts but she is happiest when she is creating. Whether it is with pencils or clay, Chloe loves to express herself by creating something using her imagination. She enjoys using repeated shapes and lines to create abstract art. Chloe enjoys combining her passion for art with her passion for environmental conservation.

Chloe Robinson Barrel


‘Underwater Beauty’ by Destiny Spencer
The Barrel: ‘Underwater Beauty’

Destiny’s design represents the beauty that lies beneath the water and how pollution can affect this beauty. Her design has a turtle, fish, starfish and coral. Destiny uses 3-D shading to make certain aspects of her design pop! Destiny made her design appear like a mosaic because she often sees mosaics used in garden decorating.

The Artist: Destiny Spencer

Destiny is a grade 9 student in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. Destiny has loved art her whole life and also enjoys playing soccer and being with friends and family. Destiny loves animals and especially loves her dog Scruffy.

Destiny Spencer Barrel


‘View of the Sea’ by Hayley Duff
The Barrel: ‘View of the Sea’

Hayley’s design is an underwater scene that shows a sea turtle and a tropical fish in their natural habitat of a coral reef. Hayley decided to make the sea turtle the focal point of her design to draw attention to the impact that human activity has on these magnificent creatures.

The Artist: Hayley Duff

Hayley is a grade 9 student at Mayfield Secondary School and is enrolled in the Regional Arts Program. Her passion is in natural and environmental science and she has always been intrigued with marine life. Hayley enjoys spending her summers outside and swimming in Lake Huron where she often sees turtles and fish swimming by.

hayley duff


‘Watering the Garden’ by Jasmine and Samantha Frost
The Barrel: ‘Watering the Garden’

The Frost sisters wanted their rain barrel to be as natural possible so that it could fit into any garden setting. The barrel has a rustic look because of the wooden and iron band exterior. They wanted to create a 3-D effect of the water splashing out of the barrel to highlight how much water can be collected and recycled with this rain barrel.

The Artists: Jasmine and Samantha Frost

Jasmine and Samantha Frost are two close sisters who have enjoyed painting and drawing for as long as they can remember. Jasmine is 15 and is enrolled in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School and her 13 year-old sister Samantha will be joining her there next year. The sisters love to paint, sketch, read and play music. Samantha plays the viola and Jasmine plays the bass clarinet.

Jasmine And Samantha Rain Barrel

‘Clothesline’ by Katie Thompson and Samantha Pottier
The Barrel: ‘Clothesline’

Katie and Samantha were inspired by the message of recycling rainwater to use around the house. They decided to represent water conservation by showing buckets hanging from a clothesline in order to collect rain water. The rain water from these buckets is used to water the colourful flowers below so that they grow bright and tall!

The Artists: Katie Thompson and Samantha Pottier

Katie and Samantha are two friends who are in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. They have both seen rain barrels that were painted in previous years for Paint a Picture for Water Conservation and decided to use their artistic abilities to design and create a barrel of their own! Katie and Samantha are excited to spread the word of water conservation throughout Caledon.

Katie And Samantha Rain Barrel


‘Flowers’ by Keshav Ramola and Aaron Brown
The Barrel: ‘Flowers’

Keshav and Aaron’s design was inspired by the bright and vivid colours that exist in nature. These colours can be seen just by walking through your neighbourhood and local park! The bold and bright colours are what makes this design appealing for any garden setting.

The Artists: Keshav Ramola and Aaron Brown

Keshav and Aaron are close friends and classmates in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. This is the second year in a row that Keshav and Aaron have painted a rain barrel to promote water conservation! Last year, their design was called “Bird of Paradise” and was inspired by the colourful bird of paradise flower in full bloom.

Keshav And Aaron Rain Barrel2


‘Water is Everybody’s’ by King Nursing Home
The Barrel: ‘Water is Everybody’s’

Everybody needs water! There is a word for water in every language and seeing the word written in several languages brings the universality of water into focus. This rain barrel, designed by Carol Mertz, will use different languages to bring familiarity to the issue of water conservation.

The Artists: King Nursing Home

King Nursing Home is a group of Seniors who enjoy arts and crafts and who have varying levels of painting experience. Some members paint very regularly on their own art projects! Leah Taylor is an avid abstract painter who loves to use acrylics on canvas and will help the members paint the barrel. Leah will use an adapted paint-by-numbers system to help those who have limited eye sight.


‘The Garden of Magic by Manisha and Nadisha Wanniarachchige
The Barrel: ‘The Garden of Magic’

Manisha and Nadisha were inspired to create a design based on the fantasy elements of nature. The sisters decided to create a scene with a fairy that is found in a garden. They want the design to allow magic to flow into any garden, even on rainy days!

The Artists: Manisha and Nadisha Wanniarachchige

Manisha and Nadisha are two sisters from Brampton, ON. Nadisha attends the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School and Manisha attends Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School. The sisters are excited to put their creativity to good use to teach the community about water conservation.

Manisha And Nadisha Rain Barrel


‘The Woodlands’ by Meegan Lim and Taylor Berkeley
The Barrel: ‘The Woodlands’

Taylor and Meegan’s rain barrel was inspired by the animals that live in the woodland ecosystems of Ontario. The animals that they used include a fawn, fox, robin, owl and Canadian goose. Taylor and Meegan also included many native tree species that tower over our landscape including oak, maple, and spruce.

The Artists: Meegan Lim and Taylor Berkeley

Taylor and Meegan are two creative grade 9’s in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. Taylor enjoys drawing portraits of her favourite celebrities and Meegan likes incorporating her surroundings into her art.

Meegan And Taylor Rain Barrel


‘Break Through’ by Alissa Condotto and Cayleigh Lundy
The Barrel: ‘Break Through’

Alissa and Cayleigh’s design brings awareness to water conservation. They created a hole in the barrel to show an underwater scene in order to emphasize water, which is what you are conserving when you use this barrel!

The Artists: Alissa Condotto and Cayleigh Lundy

Alissa and Cayleigh are Grade 11s from Robert F. Hall. They both love art and sports. From a young age, they have alway loved to be creative in their own ways whether it is from sculpture, paintings, or drawing and sketching. Alissa and Cayleigh hope to become art teachers.

Alissa And Cayleigh Rain Barrel


‘Mermaid’ by Anmol, Anastasia and Paige
The Barrel: ‘Mermaid’

Anmol, Anastasia and Paige’s design was inspired by the connection between earth and water. The friends use the mermaid and flowers to symbolize the beauty and mystery of our amazing planet. Anmol, Anastasia and Paige also incorporated other symbols of the sea including shells, anchors and a compass.

The Artists: Anmol, Anastasia and Paige

Anmol, Anastasia and Paige are artists, good friends and grade 9 classmates at Mayfield Secondary School. All three have a passion for helping the community and the environment. They are excited to help their local community by using their artistic talents.

Paige Anmol And Anastasia Rain Barrel


‘The Great Flow’ by Roshauna Sahadeo
The Barrel: ‘The Great Flow’

Roshauna’s design was inspired by a peaceful, breath-taking garden. Roshauna used rocks to symbolize the power of one’s self, a sunset to represent peace and relaxation and a waterfall to symbolize forgiveness. Roshauna called her design “The Great Flow” because no matter what happens life continues to flow; just like water and nature!

The Artist: Roshauna Sahadeo

Roshauna is a grade 9 student in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. Her love for art started in grade 1 when she created her first piece of artwork that accompanied a story she had written. Roshauna’s passion in life is art, and she wants to showcase her talents to better her community.

Roshauna Sahadeo Rain Barrel


‘Under the Sea’ by Supriya Bolina, Shea Sangai, Vanessa Luis, and Amy S.
The Barrel: ‘Under the Sea’

Supriya, Shea, Vanessa and Amy chose to portray beauty, peace, harmony and unity with their design. In the pearl, a reflection of a shark can be seen which represents the things in life that challenge our harmony. This design symbolizes the beauty of their community and how together, we can conquer any challenge.

The Artists: Supriya Bolina, Shea Sangai, Vanessa Luis, and Amy S.

Supriya, Shea, Vanessa and Amy are friends and classmates in the Regional Arts Program at Mayfield Secondary School. These friends all came together to showcase their artistic talents throughout their community! They also wanted to help the environment by promoting the use of rain barrels to recycle rainwater.



‘As From Above, So From Below’ by Yevgenia Casale
The Barrel: ‘As From Above, So From Below’

The artwork on the barrel is intended to capture the holistic and spiritual essence of what the rain barrel means from both the creator and user perspective. The Eye of Horas is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph intended to watch over the barrel’s owner as they are watching over the Earth by doing their part to conserve our most precious life source.

The Artist: Yevgenia Casale

Yevgenia’s artistic influences stem from her fascination with the interconnectivity of all that exists. Her art attempts to weave through what we perceive, what actually exists and what may exist. Yevgenia aims for her creations to be deeply personal and unabashedly thought provoking.

Yevgenia Casale Rain Barrel

‘April Showers’   By: Kayla Jackson
‘April Showers’

April may be rainy, gloomy and muddy but by the time May comes around, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. The pastel colours I used go perfectly with this time of year!

The Artist:

Kayla is 14 years old and attends the Regional Arts Program for visual arts at Mayfield Secondary School. She loves art, nature and gardening and is always looking for creative ways to combine them. Kayla is very passionate about the environment and loves to get involved whenever she can. One of her art pieces has been published in the Robert Bateman “Get to Know” calendar, 2011, where she received an honourable mention.

Painted Rain Barrel

‘Rainbow’   By: Meghan Grace McClurg

This barrel depicts rain falling from the sky with a rainbow following behind it with grassy hills. This barrel will bring happiness to people in their garden.

The Artist:

Meghan is a 9 year old student at Caledon Central Public School. She enjoys bike riding, playing soccer, and reading books. She volunteers in her brother’s Beaver group as a junior leader and belongs to the 4th Orangeville Brownies. She discovered this contest while researching for one of her Brownie badges “Saving Water”. Meghan loves to do all kinds of art, especially painting and writing stories and poems.

‘A Splash of Spring’   By: Katie Miller
The Artist:

Katie Miller is a grade 7 student at Credit View Public School. Katie has loved art since a young age. She said, “I was drawing one day and I realized that I loved doing it”. Until now Katie has just done small projects for herself. Although, now she takes art classes and she is hoping to get into the art program at Mayfield Secondary School.

Katie is really excited to paint this barrel and see what everybody thinks of her work.

Painted Rain Barrel

‘In Harmony with Nature’   By: Nancy Taggart
‘In Harmony with Nature’:

This barrel depicts the harmony between all of the animals that she cares for.

The Artist:

Nancy feels lucky to have lived in Caledon for the last 12 years, “a little piece of heaven on Earth”.

When she came to Caledon she ran across – or could say they ran across her path – animals in need of a second chance. She started caring for farm animals that had nowhere else to go and found that they gave back as much as she put in. She enjoys seeing them improve in health and personality. She does everything herself which doesn’t make it easy but she can’t ever give up on her animals.

Rain Barrel painted with a horse

‘It’s Raining, It’s Storing’ and ‘Nature at Peace’   By: Students from Allan Drive Middle School
It’s Raining, It’s Storing:

The title is a spin off from the song “It’s raining, it’s pouring”. In the case of the rain barrel, water is being stored for future use. The big whimsical tree blowing in the wind along with all of its fallen/falling leaves is what one might see on a fall day. When it is dark and gloomy outside in the pouring rain, this rain barrel will remind students that you can always have a bright side to a gloomy day, no matter what the weather is like.

Nature at Peace:

Our rain barrel represents nature, on its own, at peace with no people to ruin it. There is a stream flowing with fresh water, trees that have been living nicely in peace and a white fence to protect the land from the people.

Painted Rain Barrel

‘Share the Water Joy’   By: Students from Alloa Public School
‘Share the Water Joy’:

Water means joy and happiness and lots of life and smiles. We don’t have enough water for everyone, so all the people in the world who have enough should start to use less. Then, animals and people can have a little more.

The Artists:

Alloa’s Eco-Dragon team has been encouraging the student body and the teachers to use “reusable” and “stainless steel” water bottles since the beginning of the school year. This past winter, the EcoDragon team checked each classroom at lunch to monitor the participation in this initiative. The class with the greatest participation for the month was awarded the EcoDragon trophy.

A student(s) from each class has been chosen to ensure that classroom taps are not accidentally kept running. If they are, students will ensure that they get turned off quickly.

Through morning announcements, students and teachers are reminded to be aware of their water usage at home, and consider a few habit changes, such as taking shorter showers and not running the water when brushing their teeth and to bring their reusable water bottles to school.

Painted Rain Barrel

‘Atlantic Salmon in the Credit River’   By: Students from Belfountain Public School
‘Atlantic Salmon in the Credit River’

The students at Belfountain Public School have been working hard to protect and rehabilitate the Atlantic Salmon population in the Credit River. Wiped out before 1900 by farming and development on their spawning streams, the salmon are now being restored, returning a part of Ontario’s natural heritage. Atlantic salmon, like so many other aquatic species rely on clean, clear water habitats to thrive. Our design shows Atlantic Salmon in the Credit River to remind us to conserve water and protect water habitats for all species.

Painted Rain Barrel

‘Elements’ and ‘Every Drop Counts’   By: Students from Caledon East Public School

This barrel represents earth, air, fire, water – the four elements.  These are clearly evident in the school locale. The school and community are deeply tied to the environment as farmland, eco-friendly homes, and riverways bless the area.

The hope is that this design will help to spread the word of how important it is to save water and use rain water for later use.

Every Drop Counts:

This barrel depicts Ariel, from the Littlest Mermaid, looking off into her once beautiful domain, now littered with environmental toxins and pollutants. She is wondering if the surface creatures fully understand the impact they are having upon the undersea world and its inhabitants. Her final thoughts are that “every drop counts” and longs for a cleaner, safer underwater kingdom.

Painted Rain Barrel

‘Rain’ and ‘Balance of Nature’    By: Students from Holy Family School

Rain comes down through everything. Holy Family plans to take care of the Earth by using less water, and by collecting rain water for later use.

Balance of Nature:

The sky, earth and sea – we are all connected. Our rain barrel represents the ecoteam at Holy Family Elementary School.

Painted Rain Barrel

‘O’Canada’ and ‘Macville Rules’   By: Students from Macville Public School

This barrel represents all it is about us that makes us Canadian. Every fiber of our body; that we love our country. It is our home.

Macville Rules:

The design includes our school mascot, the Mustang horse. It rep¬resents our school in a way that shows how we help Mother Earth and conserve water.

We are planning a large scale outdoor classroom for our 50th anniversary which will incorporate native trees, shrubs and wildflowers- which are hardier and require less water.

Painted Rain Barrel

‘Nature Connected’   By: Students from Palgrave Public School
‘Nature Connected:

This barrel represents how we and the earth are all connected. The children are holding hands with and surrounded by different aspects of nature to demonstrate the connection.

This barrel will be used to collect rain water to water the plants in our outdoor gardens and indoor plants. In the spring, plants added to our gardens will be native, drought resistant plants that require less water.

Rain barrel painted with a tree

‘Source of Nature’   By: Students from St. Cornelius School
‘Source of Nature’

This barrel represents the necessity of water for growth. In the background, a sketch of the world represents that all of us need this life-giving force.

This rain barrel will be used to nourish the St. Cornelius peace garden.

Painted Rainbarrel

‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’   By: Tree Huggers EcoTeam at St. Nicholas Elementary School
‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’:

This barrel depicts a variety of common nature symbols. Since a rain barrel’s purpose is to collect rainwater and use it to water gardens and other things, waves of water to represent rain water, the tree represents the artists – the Tree Huggers eco-school team, the rainbow represents that after it rains, a rainbow appears in the sky.

Painted Rain Barrel