Environmental Stewardship Pickering

Environmental Stewardship Pickering (ESP) is a collaborative committee that works together with the community to organize environmental events and activities.

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Mission Statement

To provide leadership, support and build awareness for environmental stewardship in the City of Pickering.

aerial view of Altona Forest in the City of Pickering


Our ESP partnership includes the in-kind and financial support of:

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ESP Mandate 2011 Annual Report 2011 Annual Report 2012


Environmental Stewardship Pickering sends out an e-newsletter to the e-tree in the winter and summer to update residents about upcoming events and interesting articles.



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To find TRCA events in the City of Pickering please visit the Stewardship page

Links to other Environmental Programs/Information in the Pickering and Durham area:

For more information about Environmental Stewardship Pickering please email mgawen@trca.on.ca