Air And Water In The Environment

Facility: Kortright Centre for Conservation
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Program Levels:
ESL, Grade 1, Grade 2
Course Types:
Afternoon, Day Visit, Morning

Follow the path of water through the water cycle using hands-on activities. Investigate the visible effects of air and water and learn how they affect all living things.

In this experiential program, hands-on science experiments, activities and games allow students to investigate the characteristics of air and water.

young boy explores stream at Kortright Centre

As students walk through the Kortright Centre property, they will have the opportunity to examine air and water in the natural environment. Students will develop an appreciation of the size and power of the water cycle, the importance of water in our lives and the environment, and the value of conserving water and keeping water clean.

Programs always have an outdoor component. Groups should dress for the conditions on the day of their visit. Before your visit, please discuss the importance of dressing appropriately for outdoor activities. On days of inclement weather the program will be modified to include some indoor activities along with the outdoor components.


Curriculum Connections:

    Science and Technology: Earth and Space – Air and Water in the Environment (Grade 2)