“Who’s Watching Out For You?” BT Looks at TRCA’s Role in Curbing Flood Risks

It’s been a damp spring so far — and all this rain means greater flood risks in the Greater Toronto Area.

Whose job is it to keep Torontonians safe from floods — and how do they do it? Breakfast Television co-host Kevin Frankish was curious to know the answer to these questions, so he set out to learn more about the work of Toronto and Region Conservation.

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The expedition took him from the G. Ross Lord Dam — part of the system of water control infrastructure that TRCA operates — to the Emergency Operations Centre at our head office, where an expert team shoulders responsibility for flood forecasting and warning.

In this fascinating four-and-a-half-minute segment, he introduces the concept of the watershed, and provides an overview of the various measures in place to prevent flood damage and loss of life when heavy rainfall hits.

It’s a system, he says that most Torontonians take for granted.

“Think about that, when you have a rain like this: Who’s watching out for you?”

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