Response to the Federal Minister of the Environment and Climate Change’s Announcement Regarding the GTA West Highway

May 3, 2021, Toronto, ON – Earlier today, the Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change announced that the GTA West Highway would be a designated project under the federal impact assessment process.

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has reviewed the rationale for the Federal government’s designation, which builds upon and is consistent with our historical position and that of many of our municipal and conservation authority partners in the GTA West Study Area regarding the need for more detailed study and mitigation for sensitive habitats to help avoid and reduce potential negative impacts.

TRCA is hopeful that this Environmental Assessment (EA) process will define alternative route alignments as narrowly as possible to reduce impacts on watersheds and ecosystems.

TRCA’s Board of Directors has previously asked that this EA be coordinated with other projects, including a planned hydro transmission project in the same study area, to minimize negative impacts to natural and socio-economic environments. TRCA is requesting that the proponent (the provincial Ministry of Transportation) work more closely with TRCA as part of this provincial and newly announced federal EA process so that we can continue to provide technical and scientific advice so as to minimize negative environmental impacts where possible, and to ensure appropriate ecological compensation where negative impacts are unavoidable.

About Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)
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