TRCA Acquires 63 Hectares of Land Near Albion Hills Conservation Park

April 22, 2021, Toronto, ON – Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), with funding support of the Region of Peel, is proud to announce the acquisition of 62.6 ha (154.6846 acres) of environmentally sensitive greenspace lands near Albion Hills Conservation Park. Over the last year TRCA has successfully acquired 41.68 ha from Alpheios Corporation and 20.92 ha of environmentally sensitive lands from Bluecrown Holdings Limited.


The Bluecrown Holdings Limited lands fall within TRCA’s approved Greenspace Acquisition Project for 2021-2030. This property is designated as Oak Ridges Moraine Natural Core and it contains part of the Innis-Gibson Lakes Provincially Significant Candidate Life Science ANSI.

The site currently contains several important habitat types, including forest, meadow, successional forest, and wetlands. This diversity provides important habitat for many regionally rare and sensitive species. The Bluecrown lands also contain a cool-water fishery, consisting of streams and ponds.

aerial view of a portion of the Bluecrown Holdings lands acquired by TRCA
The 20.92 ha of environmentally sensitive lands acquired from Bluecrown Holdings Limited include several important habitat types.

The property is bounded by Highway 50 to the southwest, a rail line to the east and other lands owned by Blue Crown Holdings to the north. Due to the large size and rural location, it provides exemplary habitat protection and restoration opportunities. Blue Crown Holdings has retained a portion of their lands to a pursue a context sensitive residential development project at some point in the future.

The acquisition of these parcels has been the first major expansion of the Albion Hills Conservation Park in years and will be a legacy for future generations. It ensures that habitat and resources are conserved and enhanced. These lands are rich in natural resources, covered with forest and small meadow areas.

The lands acquired from Alpheios Corporation will also support vital trail connections as part of TRCA’s Regional Trail Strategy that will connect the Humber River Trail to the much-loved Albion Hills Conservation Park, the Palgrave Forest and Wildlife Area, and the Trans Canada Trail.

aerial view of a portion of the Alpheios Corporation lands acquired by TRCA
The 41.68 of lands acquired from Alpheios Corporation will help to support vital trail connections.

Many hundreds of thousands of nature lovers experience the outdoors through all seasons at Albion Hills Conservation Park. Park spaces such as this, rich in recreational experiences, provide communities to be active and stay healthy. This addition of natural spaces to Albion Hills Conservation Park will also allow natural replenishment of ground water that feeds the Humber River headwaters that run through the park.

Natural areas like this require careful management to ensure sustainable, healthy ecosystems over generations. Being able to manage natural resources near communities provides a learning ground to folks who may otherwise never understand the incredible amount of effort and expertise to manage park spaces like Albion Hills Conservation Park.


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