June at Black Creek: Let the Battle Begin

The month of June is upon us, and you know what that means: war!

No, not the tooth-and-claw combat of motorists trying to get to the cottage on the weekend. We’re talking about Soldiers and Spies, the annual Revolutionary War re-enactment at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Visit the Village on June 16 and 17 for a first-hand experience of 18th century warfare. Take part in an interactive spy game, check out a musketry demonstration and witness soldiers in authentic uniforms wage a pitched battle on Black Creek’s North Property.

Watch the latest Black Creek video for more June highlights:

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Video Transcript:

Hi there. I’m Blythe, a history actor here at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Well it’s finally here: the month of June. And you know what that means. The village is in full swing and ready to be the destination of choice for families and people of all ages eager to learn and explore.

So what is happening at the village in June? Let’s take a peek.

Bring your family on June weekends and get ready to make memories together. Explore the village and discover what makes machines whir and the blacksmith’s anvil clang. pick up an instrument and play along to popular tunes of the past, or hold artifacts in your hand and imagine yourself in a different time.

Did you ever wonder what it must have been like during the Revolutionary War? Well, on June 16 and 17 wonder no more. It’s a weekend of soldiers and spies. Crack clues and track the Yankee spy. Catch a live musket demo, then march alongside soldiers dressed in traditional uniforms to the battleground and witness an 18th century battle.

Another season of Nightlife is well underway. Why not come to the village on hot summer nights to try your hand at archery or axe throwing. Accept the challenge of the escape game where dark things dwell. Get spooky at a seance or haunted walk, or even give goat yoga a try.

Nightlife is a new way to see and experience the village with your friends. It’s definitely not your Grade 3 field trip. Register today.

It’s a jam-packed June, so be sure to get in on the fun. For tickets and more information, visit blackcreek.ca.

That’s all for now. See you at the village!