New This Spring: The Goat Yoga Experience at Black Creek

So: goat yoga. It is, as you may recently have noticed, a thing. Don’t believe it? Take a look here. Or here. Or here.

If you’re interested in experiencing the phenomenon first-hand, some good news: Black Creek Pioneer Village has added goat yoga classes to its popular Nightlife slate of evening activities.

So what’s it actually like? And does doing the Downward Dog in the presence of goats really enhance yoga’s stress-relieving qualities?

goat yoga class at Black Creek Pioneer Village

Last week, our staff sat in on a class at The Village. We went in something of a skeptic — and came away entranced.

We have just shared our experience on the Black Creek news feed. Here’s an excerpt:

The first thing you notice: the goats are everywhere. All are females and kids. They scamper around underfoot, nibbling on the grass; occasionally one of the little ones will try to sneak a quick drink from Momma.

The second thing you notice: the goats are totally running the show. Humans are not in charge here. You just have to find a spot for your mat and sort of … work around the goats …

Once the 45-minute session begins, it’s pretty much like any other yoga class – with the exception that not a lot of yoga gets practiced. As [instructor Melina Morsch] explained, it’s not about achieving your perfect Cobra Pose; it’s just about being there in the moment with these delightful creatures. The more you can bring your energy in sync with theirs, the more eager they’ll be to come hang with you.


montage of images from goat yoga class at Black Creek Pioneer Village

Goat yoga happens on Thursday nights at Black Creek Pioneer Village all summer long. Visit Fox Den Yoga online and select “Events” to book a session.