Transformation of TRCA Property Brings Change to a Community

The re-purposing of a 19th century church in Caledon is doing more than just revitalizing a run-down building — it’s helping to change lives as well.

The property, owned by Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), is being transformed into a home for adults with special needs, courtesy of Raising the Roof, a charitable organization committed to long-term solutions to homelessness. The facility, once completed, will offer its residents the opportunity to live independently.

This isn’t the only way the project is making an impact. Raising the Roof has also turned to social enterprise Building Up for skilled labour to help complete the restoration. This Toronto-based not-for-profit is dedicated to improving the city’s environmental efficiency and increasing the availability of affordable housing stock, while providing a pathway to careers in the trades for people from at-risk communities.

CityNews videographer Audra Brown recently paid a visit to the project site to discover first-hand how the combined efforts of the organizations involved are creating such wide-ranging benefits.

“It really does create a win-win-win situation with regards to our property being renewed and restored,” said TRCA Senior Property Agent Brandon Hester.


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