From Torontoist: Getting to the Root of Why Our Urban Forest Matters

Ask Toronto residents how they feel about the trees in their city and they often wax poetic. Towering over neighbourhood streets like stately giants, our trees supply oxygen, provide shade, help to cool the air on hot summer days, and contribute to a sense of well-being.

Our city’s urban forest, however, is increasingly under threat.

A number of organizations, including the Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition, are now lobbying governments to think of trees as a part of Toronto’s infrastructure — every bit as vital as roads, hospitals and public transportation.

In this Torontoist article, Catherine McIntyre explores the economic, social and health benefits of our urban forest.

“Using the term ‘infrastructure’ is really important. It’s saying you need to integrate urban forest and urban trees into the fabric of our cities, just like we do our roads, and pipes, and all of our grey infrastructure. That’s a new way of thinking about these assets.”Michelle Sawka, TRCA