Reflecting on a Spectacular Day: TRCA Celebrate the Humber

On Sunday, August 27, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) brought together nature enthusiasts, families, and community members to celebrate the Humber River‘s rich heritage and vibrant ecosystem.

community members enjoy learning to canoe at TRCA Celebrate the Humber event

TRCA Celebrate the Humber was a day filled with engaging activities, educational experiences, and a sense of appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us.

The Humber River is a hidden gem that flows through the heart of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). In 1999, it was officially designated a Canadian Heritage River under the Canadian Heritage Rivers System (CHRS), thanks to the collaborative efforts of TRCA, the Humber Heritage Community, and dedicated community members.

As the only Canadian Heritage River in the GTA and one of 41 designated rivers across the entire nation, the Humber River has a rich legacy worth exploring.

a deer explores the banks of the Humber River
the Old Mill bridge spans the Humber River
TRCA educator uses an archival map to teach community members about the rich history of the Humber River

The river has provided a home for Indigenous peoples along its banks, an ancient transportation route known as the Carrying Place Trail, and a site for many of Toronto’s post-European settlement homes and industries. The Carrying Place Trail is one of the oldest established transportation routes in Canada and is the highlight of the Humber’s CHRS designation.

Members of the Métis Nation of Ontario and Toronto & York Region Métis Council commenced the event with a spiritual blessing.

Attendees participated in interactive educational booths exploring the history of the Humber River and how TRCA is working to protect it. Many also enjoyed learning how to cast a fishing rod, canoeing and kayaking the Humber, and discovering historic landmarks!

a young family enjoys the opportunity to paddle a canoe on the Humber River
a young visitor to the Celebrate the Humber event practices her artistic skills at one of the many interactive educational booths
an instructor shows a young visitor to the Celebrate the Humber event how to cast a fishing rod

TRCA Celebrate the Humber event is an engaging way to continue to inspire and educate the community to respect, enjoy, and engage in river stewardship while celebrating the cultural and recreational values of the Humber River.

See the fun for yourself!

Learn to Fish interactive booth at TRCA Celebrate the Humber event
dignitaries from the Indigenous community pose for a photo with TRCA Chief Executive Officer John MacKenzie during Celebrate the Humber event
TRCA instructor holds up stuffed fish to demonstrate the size of Atlantic Salmon found in the Humber River during spawning season
an interactive educational booth at the TRCA Celebrate the Humber event
young visitor learns about the history and heritage of the Humber River at an interactive educational booth
an Indigenous dignitary performs traditional music at the 2024 celebrate the Humber event