Get Out on TRCA Trails with the Avenza Maps App this Summer!

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is working with Avenza Maps to make our trail maps interactive, so that you can see where you are on the trails without the need of Wi-Fi or mobile network service!

With the Avenza app, the maps work with your smartphone’s GPS to highlight your location while you are on TRCA trails.

young mother with stroller explores trail at Heart Lake Conservation Park using Avenza
young couple explore trail at Albion Hills Conservation Park using Avenza
cyclists explore multi-use trail

How to Use Avenza Maps

  • Before you head out on the trails, download the Avenza app to your phone:
    iOS | Android
  • Download TRCA trail maps from the Avenza Maps store.
  • When at a trail location, simply scan the map QR code, located by the trailhead signs, and you’ll get the correct map.
  • When on the trails, use the map to see your exact location.

hiker uses Avenza Maps app while exploring TRCA park

  • From home, you can also download trail maps from the TRCA Conservation Parks and Lands web pages below:

Conservation Parks:

Conservation Lands: