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Bolton Camp 1930, kids on steps

Bolton Camp opened its doors in 1922. For 75 years this magical place was a popular destination for families from low income areas of Toronto. Scores of people came to Bolton Camp, to stay in its cozy cabins and revel in its stunning natural beauty.

It was a slice of heaven that became the backdrop of cherished childhoods and family adventures, and provided much sought after social supports for children and mothers.

archival image of children playing at Bolton Camp

Though the camp, over time, fell into disrepair and eventually shut down, the warm memories that it once generated have never faded. The dream of restoring and rejuvenating Bolton Camp lived on: it just needed the support of like-minded people to make it a reality.

In 2011, TRCA purchased the property and began developing a plan to re-purpose the site as a community cultural hub: a destination where people will come together to learn, play, create, explore and share in unique experiences.

The new Bolton Camp will respect the history of the site, while helping to create new cultural and social innovation opportunities in the region and contributing to the health and well-being of residents.


Built around 50 historic buildings nestled in the picturesque Humber River valley, the re-envisioned Bolton Camp will transform an old space into a new place where creativity and entrepreneurship intersect.

Community-developed and community-driven, the new Bolton Camp will bring the business sector, not-for-profits, social enterprises and others together to provide youth, artists and entrepreneurs the opportunity to transform this historic landscape into a unique attraction that is fun, interesting and engaging.

architectural rendering of Bolton Camp recreation hall and baseball diamond

Using the architectural bones of the old camp, including the recreation and dining halls, cabins, drama building and arts and crafts building, the new Bolton Camp will make a significant contribution to increasing the employment, economic and cultural vitality of the greater Toronto region.

During the first phase of site redevelopment, programs will be seasonal in nature, such as summer youth training and employment opportunities focused on promoting hands-on trades and skills.

As the site’s infrastructure is upgraded and the buildings are restored, Bolton Camp will become able to accommodate year-round business development and programming, attracting visitors with its unique history, geography and offerings.

architectural rendering of Bolton Camp Rec Centre being used as a yoga studio


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