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Ontario Curriculum-Based Experiential Education for Grades 1-12

Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) has been a leader in environmental education and has been delivering innovative learning programs since 1954. Our team of Educators has compiled a list of resources that can be used in the classroom. Whether your goal is to enhance a trip to one of our Field Centres or simply teach an in-class lesson on Climate Change, these resources can help.

Frog in Water


Activities for the Kortright Centre for Conservation Programs

Preparing your students for their Kortright Centre visit:

  • The 20-Minute Energy Check – A Pre-visit Activity to Conservation of Energy (1.6 MB)
    At the Kortright Centre for Conservation, your class will learn about current renewable energy technology and ways we can all reduce our energy consumption. In this activity, students will prepare for the Kortright program by investigating how and where they use energy at home.
  • Clean Water, Naturally! – A Pre-visit Activity to Wetland Study (1.5 MB)
    At the Kortright Centre for Conservation, your class will learn about wetlands and their importance. In this activity, students will create a simulation wetland in order to better understand how wetlands act as natural filtration systems.
  • Geocaching 101 – A Pre-visit Activity to GPS or Geocaching (1.3 MB)
    In this brief introduction to Geocaching, students learn the basics of this outdoor, recreational activity. They will also have an opportunity to use an online tool to investigate areas around the Kortright Centre for Conservation, their school and their home for the location of hidden geocaches.

Reinforcing your students’ new knowledge after their Kortright Centre visit:

Activities for Albion Hills, Claremont and Lake St. George Field Centre Programs

Preparing your students for their Field Centre visit:

Reinforcing your students’ new knowledge after their Field Centre visit:

From Ripples to Waves


Focusing on virtual water (or embedded water) and the connections between water use and energy consumption, this resource has been designed to spark new conversations with students that explore the social, economic and environmental issues that are central to the global water crisis.



Environment Canada

Pre- & Post-Visit Activities for Black Creek Pioneer Village Education Programs

Teach Green in Peel

Teach Green in Peel


A searchable database designed to help Peel teachers find locally-relevant resources and programs to engage students in environmental learning.
Waste-Free Lunch Flyers
Planning to launch a waste-free lunch program at your school? As with any initiative that requires significant support from your school’s parent community – clear communication is essential. These flyers explain the benefits of packinga waste-free lunch, are available in 9 languages, and can serve as a central communication tool for your campaign.

Waste-Free Lunch Flyer (English)  (1,344k)

The Ferocious Four Graphic (589k)