Moore Park Ravine between 193 – 195 Hudson Drive Slope Stabilization Project

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), in partnership with the City of Toronto, is undertaking slope stabilization works behind 193 and 195 Hudson Drive to protect at-risk essential structures located adjacent to and within Moore Park Ravine.

Project Location

The project is generally located southeast of Eglington Avenue East and Yonge Street in the City of Toronto. Mud Creek is located within the valley at the toe of slope behind Hudson Drive. The site is in close proximity to the Beltline Trail entrance at Moore Avenue. Slope stabilization works behind Hudson Drive will be implemented via top-of-slope access from Hudson Drive, with no plan to access Mud Creek or the recently improved Beltline Trail.

Moore Park Ravine between 193 – 195 Hudson Drive Slope Stabilization Project

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Project Background

Concerns regarding valley slope erosion behind Hudson Drive were first identified to TRCA in 2008. In the spring of 2008, a slope failure occurred along a City of Toronto parkette located between 199 and 215 Hudson Drive. Accelerated erosion and gullying were subsequently observed at this site following the July 8, 2013 severe weather event. This storm resulted in additional slumping behind Hudson Drive, as well as damage to private residential properties at the top of the slope.

TRCA retained Terraprobe Inc. (Terraprobe) in 2008 to complete a slope stability and erosion risk assessment and prepare a report containing three (3) stabilization alternatives which included a “Do Nothing” alternative, minor slope improvements, and major earthworks. The site was re-assessed by Terraprobe in 2009 following further movement along the slope. Following an update to the original site investigation, Terraprobe’s recommendations remained unchanged from the 2008 report. TRCA undertook various other investigations to determine the extent of risk to essential structures and infrastructure in this area over the long term. Based on the results of these investigations, it was determined that private residential dwellings were at risk from slope instability should no remedial works be undertaken.

In order to address this risk, TRCA initiated the Moore Park Ravine between 193 – 195 Hudson Drive Slope Stabilization Project (the “Project”) to provide long-term, low maintenance protection to at-risk essential structures along the valley slope within the project limits.

Slope Failure behind 193 and 195 Hudson Drive. Source: TRCA 2020.
2020 Soil Sampling behind 193 and 195 Hudson Drive. Source: TRCA, 2020.

Scope of Work

The objective of this project is to protect privately-owned properties on Hudson Drive from valley slope instability within the Moore Park Ravine. Through 2023, TRCA intends to:

  1. Finalize detailed designs for the chosen remedial slope treatment
  2. Secure all necessary permits and approvals for construction
  3. Implement construction
  4. Substantial completion and complete Project Close-out

This site has several logistical considerations which include limited construction access from the top-of-slope, and minimizing impacts to mature trees and vegetation considering the environmental sensitivity of Moore Park ravine. TRCA will prioritize approaches which minimize disturbance to the ravine and which will accommodate terrestrial habitat improvements during the restoration phase of work.

TRCA is preparing to implement erosion control and slope stabilization works to address valley slope erosion south of Mud Creek, behind two (2) residential properties on Hudson Drive, in the City of Toronto. The work area includes the valley slope south of Mud Creek where ongoing slope instability as created a risk to existing structures. No work is planned in Mud Creek as part of the Project.

Scope of work will include select tree and vegetation removals, installation of an engineered slope stabilization solution, and comprehensive restoration including native shrub and tree planting.

Construction Information

Construction is tentatively scheduled for Spring 2023, pending receipt of all necessary agreements, permits and approvals. Post-construction restoration, including native shrub and tree planting is planned for fall 2023, depending on construction progress and weather conditions.

General working hours will be Monday – Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For your safety, please respect all posted construction signage and stay clear of the work area and equipment.

Deliveries via Hudson Drive will occur intermittently during working hours.

Public Notices

Notice of Construction signs have been installed at applicable locations along Moore Park Ravine trail routes and on Hudson Drive. Notice of Construction letters will be circulated to members of the local community and stakeholders prior to construction.

Notice of Construction

Progress Updates

May 2023

Through 2022 – 2023, TRC retained a Design-Build Contractor through a competitive Request for Proposal process and completed detailed designs, secured required landowner agreements, and secured applicable permits and approvals. Subject to receipt of remaining permits and approvals, construction is tentatively scheduled for spring 2023. Construction is anticipated to be completed by fall or winter 2023.

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