Colonel Samuel Smith Park Minor Maintenance Project

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), in partnership with the City of Toronto, is undertaking minor maintenance repairs on an existing seawall structure in Colonel Samuel Smith Park in order to protect against the hazards of shoreline erosion and address public safety concerns.

Project Location

The project is located in Colonel Samuel Smith Park at the base of Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive, in Etobicoke, City of Toronto. The work area includes an armourstone seawall located along the interior shore of the park near the Lakeshore Yacht Club.

Project area including the location of the seawall at Colonel Samuel Smith Park. Source: TRCA, 2019.

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Project Background

Colonel Samuel Smith Park was built in the 1980s as an extension of existing lake fill where the R. L. Clark Water Treatment Plant is located. The park was opened to the public in the mid-1990s and features a network of formal and informal trails, a skating trail, a wetland, a recreation centre, and the Lakeshore Yacht Club. The park is protected by a series of cobble beaches and armourstone structures such as breakwaters, groynes, headlands, and revetments to provide erosion control.

Aerial view of Colonel Samuel Smith Park. Source: TRCA, 2017.

In both the spring of 2017 and 2019, Lake Ontario experienced record high water levels which caused significant damage to many of the erosion control structures along the Lake Ontario shoreline. As a result of these events, the seawall at Colonel Samuel Smith Park experienced significant backshore erosion, outflanking of armourstone material, and undermining of the nearby park trail and interlocking brick platform. Continued erosion at the site will place the park path at risk, resulting in a public safety hazard. TRCA will be undertaking minor maintenance works in order to return the structure to a state of good repair.

Maintenance work will include the placement of new rock material in existing voids between the trail and seawall, as well as the placement of gravel in the voids beneath the interlocking brick platform and concrete trail. This work will strengthen the existing shoreline, help stabilize the park trail, and provide increased protection to park users.

Flooded seawall structure. Source: TRCA, 2019.
Outflanking and voids behind the seawall. Source: TRCA, 2019.
Undermined interlocking brick platform adjacent to the armourstone seawall. Source: TRCA, 2019.

Scope of Work

The work will include the following components:

  • Site setup including establishment of staging/stockpiling areas, erosion and sediment control measures, and daily perimeter control
  • Filling of voids beneath the interlocking brick platform with gravel
  • Filling of voids behind the armourstone seawall with new rip rap material
  • Site restoration as required
  • Demobilization including removal of fencing, erosion and sediment control measures, and construction equipment

Construction Information

Construction is tentatively scheduled to start the week of October 14, 2019 and is expected to take three weeks in duration.

A portion of the trail where construction will occur (highlighted in red on the map below) will be fenced off for the duration of the project. A detour route will remain open; however, a small portion of the detour route will be periodically traversed by delivery trucks (from the cul-de-sac at the base of Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive to the work area). All truck deliveries will be guided by a Traffic Control Person to ensure pedestrian and cyclist safety. For your safety, please respect all construction signs and Traffic Control Persons, and stay clear of the work area and equipment. Your cooperation and patience with this undertaking is appreciated. Please see the map below for additional details.

Construction details for Colonel Samuel Smith Park. Source: TRCA, 2019.

Public Notices

Notice of Construction signs were placed at park entrances and along affected trail routes on October 8, 2019. The notice is also available for viewing through the link below.

Notice of Project Commencement

Progress Updates

Update: October 16, 2019

TRCA crews have started to set up the work site in preparation for the implementation of the project.

Update: October 18, 2019

TRCA construction crews have begun backfilling operations along the seawall with rip rap.

TRCA construction crews beginning to place rip rap along the backshore of the seawall at Colonel Samuel Smith Park. Source: TRCA, 2019.

Update: November 4, 2019

TRCA construction crews have completed the backfilling operations along the seawall and have reinforced the viewing platform. The trail that runs adjacent to the seawall has been regraded and resurfaced with new layers of crushed gravel. The site has been demobilized and the trail is once again open to the public.

The completed area around the viewing node, reinforced with rip rap. Source: TRCA, 2019.
Completed eastern portion of the seawall and resurfaced trail. Source: TRCA, 2019.
Completed western portion of the seawall within the marina. Source: TRCA, 2019.

Contact Us

The Planning Team is located at TRCA’s Boyd Field Centre in Vaughan:

Restoration and Infrastructure Division, Engineering Projects
9755 Canada Company Avenue
Vaughan, Ontario
L4H 0A3

For more information regarding this project, please contact Rebecca Salvatore, Project Manager:

Rebecca Salvatore, Project Manager 
Engineering Projects
Restoration & Infrastructure Division