15 Bakerdale Road Erosion Control and Bank Stabilization Project

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has conducted remedial erosion control and bank stabilization works along Milne Creek, in the City of Markham. The main objective of the proposed works was to stabilize the east bank to provide protection to both public and private property.

Project Location

The project area is located along Milne Creek, a tributary of Rouge River, within the City of Markham. The work area is situated within TRCA-owned lands, adjacent to the private property of 15 Bakerdale Road. The closest main intersection to the project area is Highway 7 and McCowan Road (Figure 1).

Map indicating the location of the 15 Bakerdale Road project.
Figure 1. Location of 15 Bakerdale Road Erosion Control and Bank Stabilization Project, City of Markham. Source: TRCA, 2019.

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Project Background

In 2014, TRCA was notified of a potential erosion concern within the project area and began monitoring the erosion hazard through TRCA’s Erosion Hazard Monitoring Program. The City of Markham Environmental Services Department and TRCA initiated discussions in 2017 for further study and the development of a remedial design as monitoring determined the erosion scour (Figure 2) was continuing to grow.

TRCA retained Ecosystem Recovery Inc. (ERI) to conduct a scoped geomorphic assessment and develop detailed designs for bank stabilization measures utilizing natural channel design principles. The proposed work includes the installation of a 18 metre long vegetated boulder revetment with brush mattress layering along the east bank.

Photo of erosion scour behind 15 Bakerdale Road in Markham, Ontario.
Figure 2. Erosion scour on the east bank of Milne Creek behind 15 Bakerdale Road. Source: TRCA, 2018.

Scope of Work

  • Geomorphic study & detailed design development (completed in 2018)
  • Obtain all necessary permits and approvals (completed in 2019)
  • Site preparation including tree removals, site isolation and erosion & sediment control set up (March 2019)
  • Installation of a 18 metre long vegetated boulder revetment with brush mattress layering (March-April 2019)
  • Site restoration, including installation of sodding and native tree and shrub plantings (spring 2019, weather permitting)

Construction Information

Construction will commence the week of March 11, 2019 and continue for a period of 3 weeks. Final site restoration will take place in spring of 2019, as weather conditions permit.

For your safety, please respect all posted construction signs and stay clear of the work areas and equipment. Your cooperation and patience is appreciated.

Public Consultation

Notice of Construction signage (Figure 3) was installed at the project site entrance and notices delivered to properties in close vicinity of the project area.

Image of Notice of Construction signage for the 15 Bakerdale Road Erosion Control and Bank Stabilization Project.
Figure 3. Notice of Construction sign for 15 Bakerdale Road Erosion Control and Bank Stabilization Project. Source: TRCA, 2019.

Project Updates

Week of April 1, 2019

TRCA crews have completed the installation of the vegetated boulder revetment structure. Final site restoration, including the installation of sod within the boulevard and shrub plantings on the right bank, will take place in spring, as favourable weather conditions permit. Temporary fencing has been installed along the boulevard and will be removed once the final site restoration is completed.      

Figure 4. Completed vegetated boulder revetment structure. Source: TRCA, 2019.

Contact Us

The Project Planning Team is located at TRCA’s Boyd Field Centre Office in Vaughan:
Restoration and Infrastructure Division, Erosion Risk Management
9755 Canada Company Avenue
Vaughan, Ontario
L4H 0A3

For more information regarding this project, please contact Phil Wolfraim, Project Manager:
Phil Wolfraim, Project Manager